‘Big Brother’: Raven Walton Health Update – Hysterectomy and More

Big Brother alumni Raven Walton shared her health issues while in the BB19 house. Since then, she had several procedures done that she talked about while in the house. One concern she discussed while in the house was freezing her eggs in advance of a possible hysterectomy. In the last year though, Raven had to move forward with the procedure and had a hysterectomy. She also got a new abdominal pacemaker at the same time – and shared her experience with her fans on her Instagram.

Big Brother: Raven Walton Gets New Pacer

Anyone who watched Big Brother 19 would have definitely noticed the small bump on Raven Walton’s stomach where her pacemaker was located. If not, then they knew because she talked about it near-constantly. Especially, she revealed that she planned to spend her Big Brother money on needed medical procedures. While Raven wasn’t one of the women that dominated BB – she was certainly memorable.

If you didn’t watch BB19, the update is that Raven Walton has gastroparesis. It is a disease where the stomach cannot process food normally. So, her gastric pacemaker helps her stomach empty the food. Back in August 2018, she had a procedure done to get a new one and showed fans her incision site. She also shared graphic post-op wound care videos. Then again, Raven Walton is known for over-sharing.

Talks of Hysterectomy in Big Brother House Were True

While in the Big Brother house, Raven Walton explained that her uterus was “too small” and her ovaries were ruined. In fact she claimed her doctor told her to get a hysterectomy before she entered the house. She said it would cost at least $25,000. That was among other procedures she needed. At the time, there were viewers that doubted the extent of her medical conditions and claims.

Now, it seems that most of those doubts should be erased as she’s thoroughly documented her post-Big Brother medical procedures. Around the same time she got her new gastric pacemaker, Raven also had a hysterectomy which removed her uterus. This is what she struggled more with emotionally, she says. It’s common post-hysterectomy for women to be grief-stricken and feel like part of themselves is missing.

Raven Walton: ‘I Can’t Believe How Far I’ve Come’

Last month, Raven Walton gave an update for family, friends and Big Brother fans. The 24-year-old admits to still being emotionally and mentally recovering from her hysterectomy. But she also said she is doing so much better than she could have hoped for.

“I’m on the downhill slide y’all,” she wrote on May 3. Plus, Raven Walton reminded everyone that they are stronger than what they think they are. Raven also expressed gratitude to everyone who helped her during this hard time. Despite her gastroparesis, Raven played the challenges, although she was by no means a comp beast.

Raven Walton’s Big Brother Game Play – The Puppet Master

Instead, she played a largely social game in BB19 with much of her time spent cuddling with her showmance partner Matt Clines. The houseguests evicted her at the jury stage. The house sent Raven Walton out in a double eviction – but after her house boyfriend. Once in jury, she claimed to have been a “puppet master” sparking laughter among the other jury members.

Post-BB19, she and Matt Clines continued to see each other for a while. Aside from her hysterectomy, it seems like she’s living her best live. Now, nine months after her surgery, she seems to be doing well and ready to watch the new season. The new season, BB21, premieres Tuesday, June 25 at 8 on CBS – be sure to watch.

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