‘Big Brother’ Raven Walton Hanging Out With Monte From ‘BBOTT’ – Are They Dating?

Big Brother 19 alum Raven Walton was hanging out with Monte Massongill from BBOTT this past Friday. The two apparantly went on a romantic hike together and exhanged flirty tweets afterwards.

Some of the messages hinted that Raven and Monte may have been doing a little bit more than hiking. Although, does this mean they’re dating? If so, is Raven Walton over former BB19 showmance partner Matthew Clines?

Big Brother: Raven Walton & Monte Massongill Spend Time Together

It appears that Raven Walton and new friend Monte Massongill have been spending some time together recently. Raven competed on Big Brother 19 while Monte appeared on the franchise’s online version BB Over The Top. Monte also starred on the MTV series Ex on the Beach. Via Twitter last week, Arkansas native Raven tweeted at Monte that she was “ready for that hike on Saturday”.

She posted it along with a picture of the two looking pretty cozy. Both of them exchanged some flirty tweets about a game they had apparently been bad at. It was pretty cute and it seemed that they had a hiking date planned for that weekend. Plus, she’s reportedly split with Matt Clines.

Monte and Raven Hike Again – Are They Dating?

Monte Massongill and Raven reportedly went on another hike this weekend, according to their social media feeds. The former Big Brother players flirted some more and made a possible kissing reference. Raven said it was a “beautiful hike”. She added a heart and winky emojis, plus the implication they got sidetracked along the way.

The Big Brother Over the Top alum wished they had, “more time and air” which could have a double-meaning. Maybe the two were too busy kissing to breathe or he could just be referring to the altitude. Whatever the case, Raven and Monte seemingly had a good time and probably plan on spending more together. But are they just friends or are they “together”?

Big Brother: Is Matt Clines Officially Out of the Picture?

Although they never officially confirmed the end of their relationship, Matthew Clines and Raven Walton have been over for a while. And it looks like she’s moving on with Monte Massongill and is pretty happy spending time with him over the past month or so.

Neither confirmed they’re dating, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time. Her fans know when Raven’s into a guy, she’s all in. She seemed to forgot she was playing Big Brother she was so into Matt.

Since leaving BB19, Raven Walton continues to share her struggle with gastroparesis, raising awareness and keeping fans current on her surgeries and health. She’s big on sharing on social media, so it’s no surprise she’s putting her new relationship with Monte Massongill (if that is what it is) out there for all to see.

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