Big Brother: Christmas Abbott Baby Daddy – Accused Stalker Files for Custody of Son Loyal Atticus

Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott has a messy personal life that got more complicated when Benjamin Bunn filed a civil case seeking a DNA test and possibly custody of her son Loyal Atticus. Bunn’s backstory is a mess too. A few months before he got Christmas pregnant, he was accused of stalking by another Tampa woman. Here’s the latest update on this baby case.

Benjamin Bunn Says He “Barely Knows” Baby Mama Christmas

TMZ reported that personal trainer Benjamin Bunn filed court documents in North Carolina seeking a paternity test and custody of his child. The tabloid made it all sound very dramatic, but it’s pretty standard stuff. A father must establish paternity if a mother doesn’t list him on the birth certificate. Benjamin Bunn may face that obstacle.

Second, since Big Brother’s Chrismas Abbott moved back home to Raleigh, North Carolina after the altercation resulting in her arrest, it complicates matters. This week, Benjamin Bunn shared a photo of himself with his son the day Loyal Atticus was born. He traveled to NC to be there for the birth of the child. Just prior to this, Christmas Abbott from BB19 rammed her Mercedes SUV into another woman’s and accused him of cheating.

Big Brother: Christmas Abbott - Benjamin Bunn

Big Brother Christmas Abbott – Cheating Accusations False?

In the Instagram post (see above), Benjamin Bunn said he’s working to co-parent with her but says they’re “not romantically involved”. He added that when it’s with “someone you barely know” it’s tough. He also claps back at the infidelity accusations. Bunn wasn’t involved with Christmas, according to his social media posts.

As Christmas Abbott attacked Samantha Morse (a woman Bunn was seeing), maybe she thought they were in a relationship, though. It’s a classic he-said she-said. After the nasty incident outside the Ybor City gym in Tampa, then-very-pregnant Christmas moved back to North Carolina. She remains there. She gave birth to Loyal Atticus in Raleigh but now Benjamin Bunn wants more involvement in his son’s life.

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Accusations of Stalking and Domestic Violence in Baby Daddy’s Past

After the car-destroying incident, Samantha Morse took out a domestic violence restraining order against the Big Brother houseguest Christmas Abbott. A quick glance into Benjamin Bunn’s criminal history shows he’s got a domestic violence case sheet too. In March 2017, Danielle Rivera accused Bunn of domestic violence and stalking. See the slides above.

On March 8, 2017, the Hillsborough County court issued a temporary injunction (restraining order) for “stalking violence” against Benjamin Bunn. More than a month later on March 12, 2017, Benjamin Bunn cross-filed. He requested an injunction against Rivera, but the court rejected the request. On May 30, it looks like the woman decided not to pursue the matter further and the case closed.

No doubt there will be more to come on the curious case of Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott. For now, she’s in North Carolina but is set to be arraigned in Tampa, Florida on December 4, 2018, for her felony criminal mischief charge for bashing Bunn’s lover’s car.

Be sure to check out the video above of new mom Christmas Abbott at her son’s three-month milestone and some single mothering challenges. We’ll keep you posted on what comes next and on other Big Brother alumni news.

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