‘Big Brother’ Christmas Abbott Mugshot – Felony Arrest and Domestic Violence – Attacks Baby Daddy’s Lover

Big Brother star Christmas Abbott was arrested in Florida a month after giving birth to her son. The State of Florida charged Christmas with a felony and slapped her with a domestic violence-related restraining order. Christmas is a new mom and now this is going to cause some stress. The arrest happened on Tuesday but stems from an incident back in August when she was eight months pregnant with her son. It’s all about her partner Benjamin Bunn cheating on her (confirmed by him and the other woman).

Big Brother Christmas Abbott’s arrest details

Christmas Abbott’s November 6 arrest was for a third-degree felony charge of criminal mischief. According to the report Soap Dirt obtained from the Tampa Police, Christmas allegedly went on a rampage at Cigar City Crossfit gym and attacked the woman sleeping with her baby daddy Benjamin Bunn. The mischief charge was for Christmas repeatedly ramming her SUV into the other woman’s car after an altercation inside the gym.

The incident happened on August 18, 2018, and the warrant came out on October 18, 2018. Christmas Abbott came to the jail Tuesday and turned herself in to be processed. She knew about the warrant and was released without having to stay in jail or post a cash bond or bail. This seems to be a low-key incident although the original infraction was dramatic.

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Christmas Attacks Other Woman

When Big Brother celeb Christmas Abbott was eight months pregnant, she allegedly attacked Samantha Jane Morse, the woman she accused of sleeping with Benjamin Bunn. In the police report, Samantha confirmed she had been with the man that fathered Christmas Abbott’s son but they have since called it quits. The day that Christmas came to the gym, Samantha was there with the guy. The police report says Christmas approached her while she was drinking coffee, asked if Bunn bought it for her, then slapped it out of her hand.

Samantha Morse told the arresting officer that Christmas called her a slut and a homewrecker and asked her repeatedly about sleeping with her baby’s father. Christmas left, according to the victim, but then an eyewitness ran into the gym to tell her that her car “was getting messed up”. The witness told police that the Big Brother cast member repeatedly rammed her Mercedes SUV into Morse’s Honda sedan. That’s when the police were called and showed up to deal with the drama.

The pic above is of Samantha Jane Morse. The woman Christmas allegedly attacked.

Police Asked Why Christmas Didn’t Target Benjamin Bunn

Even after police were called to the scene, Christmas didn’t contain her rage. When the arresting officer first arrived on the scene, the former Big Brother houseguest confessed to ramming her car into that of Samantha Morse. She admitted she “lost it” and said that the other woman was “cheating on her with her child’s father”. Christmas said she expressed her rage by ramming her car into the other woman’s and that’s when the cop asked an interesting question.

He asked why Christmas ran her car into Ms. Morse’s car instead of the cheater’s vehicle. Christmas told the police if his vehicle was there, that’s what she should have done instead. The officer spoke to Benjamin Bunn, but in the police report, it’s not clear if they spoke over the phone or in person. He admitted to the Tampa Police he was cheating with Samantha Morse but “said they are no longer in a relationship”.

Big Brother Christmas Abbott Rages During August Incident

The police report also reveals that the officer struggled to calm down the former star of Big Brother. He wrote in his official Tampa Police report that she kept screaming at Ms. Morse and said her “actions were boisterous”. He said he asked her again and again “not to fixate on the victim [Morse]”. He said Christmas kept getting angrier, her behavior was “on and off” and “at times the suspect would cry”. The report explains that he let Christmas sit without handcuffing her because it was so hot that day.

Christmas was on the verge of “a fit of rage” said the officer. He threatened to cuff her to get her to calm down. Christmas Abbott told the officer that “it hurt her feelings to be cheated on”. Some sites reported that Christmas wasn’t arrested back in August. That is inaccurate. She was Mirandized, arrested, and transported to the Tampa jail. However, the staff at the jail refused to book her because she was so heavily pregnant and instead shipped her off to the hospital.

Police Followed Pregnant Christmas Abbott to Hospital

An ambulance picked Christmas up from the Tampa Jail and taken to Tampa General Hospital. Along the way, the Big Brother personality contacted her attorney. By the time the police arrived following the ambulance. Her lawyer was on hand. A Tampa policeman met her in the maternity ward. The police seized her Mercedes SUV since it was used in the commission of a crime and the police notified her there. She signed off on the document and the police left her there.

The criminal case paused until after Christmas Abbott gave birth. The State Attorney general issued a warrant in mid-October and she surrendered herself to be processed this week. This was no surprise to the Big Brother houseguest and there are no reports of anything dramatic happening. The jail took her mug shot, processed and released her. However, there is a civil case that launched in August after this incident.

Big Brother: Christmas Abbott restraining order

Christmas Slapped with Restraining Order

The police report stated that Samantha Morse was “adamant that she wishes to press charges”. But the woman wasn’t willing to wait for things to play out in the criminal system. Morse went to the civil court in Tampa and reported a domestic violence incident (see the image above). The court ordered Christmas to stay away from Morse and Cigar City Crossfit.

Benjamin Bunn goes by “Coach Bunny” at the Ybor City gym. It’s also where Samantha Jane Morse works out. The domestic violence civil case closed after the restraining order issued so that stands and now Christmas must sort out this criminal charge. From the police report, it sounds like Samantha Morse wants to press on with the criminal case.

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How is Christmas Abbott doing now?

Christmas Abbott of Big Brother and Benjamin Bunn seem to be busted up. He’s not on her social timelines and vice versa. Christmas named her son Loyal Atticus. Besides this recent brush with the law, it looks like things are going well for her. She is constantly posting about being a mom and seems happy. Perhaps she and her BB pal Kevin Schlehuber need to commiserate since she was arrested and he’s coping with cancer.

She went to her Instagram story this week and posted a few quotes that could be about her arrest. One says “The Universe will send you exactly what you ask for, and then send you a distraction to see if you’re gonna f**k up what you’ve asked for”. Another one shows her breastfeeding her son and says, “Just mindin my own business.” Be sure to check back for updates on other Big Brother alum like Jessica and Cody’s baby journey.

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