‘Big Brother 22’: Week 2 PoV Results Revealed – Nicole vs David Alexander – Who’s Safe?

Big Brother 22 spoilers tease the winner of this week’s Power of Veto competition. Head of Household Memphis Garrett, his nominees Nicole Anthony and David Alexander, and three other houseguests competed in the PoV. Right now the Power of Veto winner is the most powerful person in the house.

More Big Brother spoilers show that the Safety Suite winner (Christmas Abbott) also won a lot power and threw a wrench in Memphis’ plans for eviction this week.

So, who won the PoV, and what do they plan on doing with it?

Big Brother 22: Memphis Garrett Nominates Nicole Anthony & David Alexander

Memphis Garrett won this week’s HoH and with it, all of the power to decide to gets put on the chopping block. Originally, he discussed targeting Ian Terry because he’s one of the only two Big Brother winners in the house. Nicole Franzel is the other, but she’s in one of his alliances.

However, Christmas Abbott, who’s also in that same alliance, won the Safety Suite twist for the week. She chose Ian as her plus one which came as a surprise because they haven’t really talked all that much. The fact that Christmas played in the Safety Suite shows that she doesn’t trust her current Big Brother alliance, more specifically Memphis Garrett.

Christmas Abbott gave the excuse that she only played the Safety Suite comp because she wanted to win a Big Brother comp. But, she didn’t use her win to help her alliance, instead she threw a wrench into Memphis’ plans.

This caused Head of Household winner Memphis Garrett to reevaluate his targets and go with two other names he threw out at the beginning of his HoH reign. He nominated both David Alexander and Nicole Anthony and, his nomination speech was pretty mean and made David cry.

Memphis scolded David Alexander for being a Big Brother newbie and said he’s no longer at the children’s table. Tyler Crispen later said that David has never done or said anything mean or rude to Memphis, and did not deserve the ridicule.

Houseguests Battle for the Power of Veto

Playing for the PoV this week were Memphis Garrett, David Alexander, Nicole Anthony, Ian Terry, Nicole Franzel, and Tyler Crispen. Obviously, the two nominees want to save themselves and the rest of the Big Brother competitors probably want to keep the nominations the same. The live feeds didn’t show what the comp was, but as always one person emerged victorious.

When the Big Brother 22 Live Feeds returned, it was HoH Memphis that held the PoV. Now that he holds the coveted medallion that means that he also controls everything that happens this week besides who the houseguests chose to evict. So, what’s he going to do with it?

Big Brother Spoilers: Is There a Backdoor Plan in Place?

It would be good for his BB22 resume if Memphis Garrett used this opportunity to take out a big player. Some of his alliance members have urged him to target Janelle Pierzina, but he doesn’t seem all that threatened by the blonde legend. Also, he’s previously said it’s too early for a backdoor to happen.

He also may now want David Alexander out after humiliating him at the Big Brother nomination ceremony. Memphis may have burned a bridge he may never be able to rebuild. Can he risk keeping David knowing that David probably wants some payback?

But, as past seasons have shown, it’s never too early in the BB house to take out a huge threat. It seems that Memphis might stick with his original choices of Nicole and David. Will it all play out like Memphis wants it to?

BB22 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 pm on CBS.

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