‘Big Brother’: Nicole Evicted Tonight Unless David Missteps – Memphis HoH Mangled

Big Brother spoilers don’t look good for nominee Nicole Anthony for tonight’s eviction. Memphis Garrett put Nicole A on the block next to David Alexander. David has so far been very unproblematic this week. Meanwhile, Nicole A has been falling apart and bad-mouthing the only people trying to help her.

We’ve counted the current Big Brother votes and the odds are definitely stacked against Nicole Anthony, the Staten Island native. In other news, has Memphis Garrett’s reign as HoH gone to his head?

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Sabotages Her Own Game

Although she was already the target of Head of Household Memphis Garrett, Nicole Anthony’s campaigning hasn’t done much to help her Big Brother game. Currently, she’s facing off against David Alexander to get the votes to stay. And while everyone else seems set on keeping David, Nicole only has three allies. Kevin Campbell is her number one in the house. But she’s also got two legends on her side – Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha.

Yet, Nicole Nicole Anthony has been talking smack about the both of them – mostly Janelle – all week long. She doesn’t trust Janelle Pierzina, and it’s been detrimental to her Big Brother game. Last night, she snapped at Janelle in a conversation. Finally, after a conversation with Kaysar, she might be starting to realize that he and Janelle are actually on her side. Nicole Anthony made a grave mistake with her bad read on the game.

David Alexander Continues Playing Cluelessly

On the other hand, David Alexander seems to have the votes to stay. The current Big Brother 22 HoH Memphis Garrett doesn’t see David as a threat. So, he’s more content with targeting Nicole Anthony, even though she’s not really much of a threat either. Memphis has said that he really doesn’t care which one goes home. He picked what he saw as two of the weakest players in the house and called it the “road of least resistance”.

As of this moment, David has the majority of the votes on his side. Let’s take a look at who’s planning on keeping him.

The majority alliance of Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, Daniele Donato Briones, Enzo Palumbo, and Christmas are voting out Nicole A. Plus, Bayleigh Dayton and Ian Terry are also leaning towards sending the woman home. Da’vonne Rogers has explicitly stated that she won’t vote out a person of color this early in Big Brother game and is sticking to her word.

Big Brother 22: Memphis Garrett’s Huge Power Trip

Being in power this week has definitely gone to Memphis Garrett’s head. He has never been Head of Household before, but is still on a Big Brother “All-Stars” season. He’s lucky that CBS invited him to the adults table.

But Memphis did win second place on BB10. He’s trying to prove that he wasn’t carried in season 10 by Dan Gheesling. So, acting like a Big Brother newbie isn’t a good look on him. He has managed to upset his alliance members with his behavior. For example, his bullying several of his alliance members into unnecessarily using their Safety Suite passes didn’t go over well.

He also won the Big Brother PoV which hasn’t done anything thing but stroke his ego. Yet, despite all of his talk, he’s not making a big move. It was the perfect scenario for a backdoor, to get rid of someone strong that is already targeting your alliance. But Memphis claimed it was “too early” for that.

But we all know it’s never too early in the BB22 house to go after someone targeting your alliance. So, do you think Nicole Anthony’s game is doomed, or could a last-minute flip change everything? Last minute decisions have happened before.

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