‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Tyler Crispen’s Hair Makeover – See What The ‘BB20’ Girls Did to Him

Big Brother 20 spoilers show Tyler Crispen‘s hair was the star of the live feeds last night in the BB20 house. The bored girls gave Tyler an extreme hair makeover and it went from sexy to silly. Here’s a look at what happened when Tyler let Sam Bledsoe get her hands on his luscious locks.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Sam Bledsoe Got Her Hands on Tyler Crispen!

All BB20 live feeds watchers know that Sam has no tolerance for boredom in the house. She dismantles t-shirts to weave friendship bracelets and makes wind chimes out of find items around the house. But nothing compares to what happened when Tyler Crispen let her put her hands all over his… hair!

Normally, Tyler Crispen rocks a head full of curly blonde locks so thick he looks like Carrot Top. But Monday night, Sam talked Tyler into letting her straighten his hair. She blocked the other girls from the bathroom in the BB20 house so it would be a surprise for them. Brett Robinson was allowed in the bathroom to see the progress and give the girls updates.

Big Brother 20 live feeds showed Brett being his usual hilarious self. He came in when Sam was putting product in Tyler Crispen’s hair. She said, “I’m about to put the magic stuff in your hair.” Tyler asked, “What’s the magic stuff?” Brett laughed and said, “Unicorn jizz.” That unicorn ejaculate must have been pure magic because Tyler’s hair looked amazing!

BB20 Tyler Crispen Looks Like Tarzan!

About-to-be-evicted Faysal Shafaat pouted in the Have Not room during Tyler Crispen’s sexy Tarzan makeover. Meanwhile, JC Monduix stewed over all the girls touching all over Tyler. His glares were epic. It’s hard to know if JC is jealous of the attention, wishes he was playing with Tyler’s hair or is angry that Tyler is bonding with girls that JC wants him to evict.

Spoiler alert – Kaycee Clark won the PoV, didn’t use it, and now Fessy is the target for Thursday’s eviction vote. The fait accompli has all in the house pretty relaxed aside from Fessy brooding alone in the HN room. Haleigh Broucher is playing nice looking ahead to her game post-eviction. Tarzan was one description the HGs agreed on for Tyler Crispen’s new look.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Tyler Crispen (Straight Hair)

Haleigh Broucher Plays With Tyler Crispen Too

Other comparisons made to Big Brother 20‘s Tyler Crispen hair was Legolas, Orlando Bloom’s Lord of the Ring character. Angela Rummans followed Tyler to the kitchen and played with his hair. Then back in the bathroom, Haleigh wanted a turn and braided it into side french braids that look just like how she does hers. Fessy walked by and kept going – expect a late night live feeds rage fit on that…

Tyler got called to the Diary Room and then the HGs talked about how production would make Tyler wash out the straightened look. They make them do DRs after the fact for comps and events and the HGs have to come to DR in the same outfits looking basically the same. That means Tyler can’t keep the straight hair. The girls also put Tyler into a half bun, pigtails, and a few other looks.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Tyler Crispen (Braided Hair)

Jealous Guys – Big Brother Tantrums Ahead?

BB20‘s Brett might have been a little jealous of all the attention Tyler got last night, but he managed it better. He did admit later to Tyler in the bedroom that he wished he had hair like that. JC acted weird and Tyler finally asked him why he can’t look at him. Tyler asked if JC didn’t like it because he looks like a girl now. JC said “yeah” and said he prefers Tyler as “eye candy.”

There were some butt-hurt guys in the house last night over the spectacle the girls made of Tyler’s hair makeover. Fessy didn’t lie Haleigh touching Tyler. JC didn’t like anyone touching Tyler. When JC came to him complaining, Tyler joked that he fixed himself up for JC, and now he’s rejecting him.

JC Loses It – Demands Tyler Kill The New Hairdo!

The girls in the Big Brother 20 house had a lot of fun last night with Tyler, but JC was not having any of it. JC followed Tyler into one of the bedrooms and demanded that Tyler change it back “right now.” JC told him to go get in the shower and said “I’ll help” then said he wouldn’t talk to Tyler until he changed it back.

Tyler told JC that he was going to leave it for tonight and JC stormed out. After the fit, Tyler cam talked and said, “JC hates me because I look like a girl – this is what my life has come to.” We’ll have to wait til later this week to see if Tyler Crispen’s extreme hair makeover makes it onto the show that airs on CBS.

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