‘Big Brother 20’: JC Mounduix Apologizes For Behavior In the BB20 House

Big Brother 20’s JC Mounduix is now out of the house and apologizing for the way he acted while playing Big Brother. He was accused of several different things while in the house but had no idea until he was out. JC isn’t backing down from what happened in his interviews.

What went down in the Big Brother 20 house?

Soap Dirt has posted about several of the things that went down with JC in the Big Brother house. Even right before the show ended JC Mounduix claimed that production had called him a rapist. JC did admit to showering with several of the girls but says they weren’t sexual at all. JC also commented that production talked to him about kissing Tyler’s armpit during the night.

The fans have been a bit divided on how they feel about what JC Mounduix did while in the Big Brother house. Since he is now apologizing, he may be able to win a few of them back over. The houseguests will also now see the things they didn’t know about, but most of this stuff they already realize went down.

JC Mounduix speaks out about Big Brother

JC Mounduix says he’s very happy with getting third place and it all worked out in the end for him. Sadly, JC didn’t win the show like he wanted to though. He doesn’t feel like “Tyler’s puppet completely.” JC made sure not to be bitter while on the jury. Of course, he wanted to win the game, but that wasn’t how it ended up going down. He is still “proud of the job he did.”

They talked about how JC Mounduix was inappropriate a few times. He says he is not a “pervert” and it was all just joking. JC says everyone in the house was laughing as well. Even during the game, he says he didn’t ever mean anything “evil.” He was stressed out in the game for lack of sleep and nothing was ever meant bad according to JC.

He was told in another interview that some people might be upset with the way he acted in the house. JC said that bad things happened to him and he didn’t complain. He said, “nothing evil ever came out of my brain.” Big Brother‘s JC Moundix doesn’t want anyone to think negatively of him and he apologized several times. It was obvious that he wanted the world to know he never meant it in a bad way. It will be interesting to see if he has anything else to say once he watches himself from the show. JC said the first thing he wanted to do after leaving the house was get drunk.

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