‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown Baby Mystery Grows as Season Ends

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown left a cliffhanger at the end of this season after fans waited for the birth announcement that never came. Gabe and his wife Raquell Rose Brown were thrilled last year to announce they expected their first child together. But that’s one Alaskan Bush People due date that has come and long gone.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown and Billy Brown Cliffhangers

So what is going on with Alaskan Bush People? Both Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell posted a photo of themselves with their first ultrasound picture of their baby. They announced the baby is due November 10, 2019. Now it’s February of 2020 and still, nothing at all is said about their baby.

Gabe gets bombarded with questions asking about the baby online. This son from the Alaskan Bush People seems to ignore those inquiries, all except for one. He did answer a fan who asked when do we get to see the baby.  That answer was “soon,” but other than that – nothing.

The mystery of Gabe Brown’s baby comes on the heels of Billy Brown sharing his grim prognosis on the season finale. He is very ill, it’s not something doctors can fix, so he won’t get any better. This is what both Billy and his wife, Ami Brown, shared with Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People cameras.

Season Ended In Mystery

The latest season from Alaskan Bush People was shrouded in mystery starting with what seems to be an abrupt finale. It was announced that  Alaskan Bush People would have 12 episodes, but only 9 installments aired. So what happened to the other three episodes, 10, 11, and 12?

All of a sudden the Alaskan Bush People season finale popped up without any explanation as to where the other three episodes went. Of course, Bear Brown’s new love interest and eventual engagement was highlighted this season. But that fizzled out because it was old hat by now.

Fans already knew what was about to happen. Since Bear played out his whirlwind love affair its demise on social media, the Discovery Channel had nothing new to offer in that department. This incident with Bear and Raiven Adams offered up proof of why reality stars really do need to keep things quiet until the season airs.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe’s Baby and Billy’s Prognosis

Alaskan Bush People left the fans wondering as this season came to a close. Billy Brown plans to live out his final days on the mountain despite doctors telling him not to. Billy basically said he’s dying and the mountain is where he wants to be when that happens. Most of all he wants his family around him.

The family rallied and both Gabe and Noah Brown agreed to give up building a home of their own. Now the plan calls for one big house where Billy and Ami have one section. Then Noah and Gabe will live on each side of Billy and Ami in sections of their own.

When discussing this, Billy, Noah, and Gabe suggested how nice it works out. Billy gets to have his Alaskan Bush People grandchildren around him. They said”grandchildren” as in more than one. Since Raquell is more than three months past the due date without a word, fans worried.

So, it sounds as if Gabe just didn’t make that baby announcement yet. Some Alaskan Bush People followers popped up online asking if everything was OK. But Gabe didn’t answer.

Squeezing Yet Another Season Out of the Discovery Channel?

Raquell and Gabe Brown might have their own reasons for keeping the baby’s birth quiet. Maybe the baby makes a debut in the next season. Promoting this will entice fans back. Although, keeping the baby’s birth under wraps might not have to do with ratings.

This Alaskan Bush People couple might have privacy in mind. Many celebrities opt not to share their children with their fans. Even though Noah Brown is eager to show off his son Elijah Brown, that doesn’t mean his brother Gabe Brown feels the same way.

Bear Brown is expecting his first child with his ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams. She is due to give birth to a baby boy this spring. Raiven already told the press that their baby will be on the Discovery Channel show. This couple said they plan to co-parent their child while remaining friends.

So if the Discovery Channel plans to squeeze out another season of Alaskan Bush People, there’s a lot to work with. They could finally introduce Gabe’s baby. Fans would get a chance to look in on Billy Brown who is very sick. A new season puts the timing right to meet Bear’s offspring.

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