‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown’s Baby Girl – First Picture

Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown finally surfaces with the newest female member of the Wolfpack. This ends a mystery that lasted almost a year. Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell Rose Pantilla announced a baby on the way last year. But after that, everything went quiet.

The baby’s due date was said to be in November of 2019. It was almost a year ago when the parents-to-be from the Alaskan Bush People announced the pregnancy.

Alaskan Bush People: The Last of the Gabe Brown Baby Mystery

November came and went, but that was okay. Fans waited, thinking that the couple’s first baby was just overdue. Then December came and went. But by now people wondered. Then the mystery of the baby’s birth questions started as a topic online for the followers of  Alaskan Bush People.

Concerns over Gabe and Raquell’s baby surfaced. It seems this lack of news was so unlike the Brown family. Noah Brown and Rhain Brown immediately announced the birth of their son Elijah Brown. But now there’s no news about the second grandchild of the Alaskan Bush People.

The birth of Bear Brown’s son River was also announced immediately back in the spring. But still, Gabe Brown and wife kept the baby’s birth under wraps. Fans imagined many different scenarios as to why Gabe and Raquell kept their little bundle under wraps. But just recently they finally opened up.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown New Baby Girl

Baby News Confusion?

The first news about the baby just came a few days back. The new parents, Raquell and Gabe Brown, wanted some time alone with their new baby before going public. But it seems with the new Alaskan Bush People season starting, it’s time for the baby to make her first public appearance.

Just days ago fans believed Gabe gave Billy and Ami another grandson, well they appear to be wrong. The first picture of Gabe Brown and his baby surfaced this weekend on the Joshua Bam Brown Fan Page.

They specifically say that’s Gabe’s got his “sweet little daughter” in his arms. So, far no one mentions the baby’s name. But her name will probably surface as the new season of Alaskan Bush People begins on the Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People: Raquell Rose Pantilla Brown - Gabe Brown

Alaskan Bush People: First Girl Grandbaby is No Longer an Infant

If you check out the photo and do the math from the baby’s announced due date, Gabe’s little baby is probably almost a toddler today. The little girl should be about 10-months-old.

Sure she looks tiny in the photo above, but also notice snow on the ground outside the car window. Gabe Brown wears winter clothes as well. So it is safe to say he’s holding his little bundle of joy sometime during the winter months.

Gabe’s darling little girl looks adorable in her lacy bonnet while drinking her bottle. She’s gazing into her proud dad’s eyes as it looks as if Gabe’s got that father-daughter bond already in full swing.

Make sure to tune in Sunday night to the Discovery Channel as the Alaskan Bush People roll out a new episode.


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