‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Shocker – Mystery Solved In New Season

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown seems to have worked his magic as Discovery announced a new season debut date. Plus, a long-running mystery’s solved. That shocked many of the fans who were sure the ABP tribe was out into the reality show pasture. But it seems with Billy still at the helm – the network gave it another go.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Finagles His Way?

When the last season ended, the Brown tribe seemingly went quiet other than a few generic posts on social media. At that time, it was Bear Brown in the hot seat over his failed relationship with Raiven Adams. Today it looks as if that’s still an on-going saga.

Many fans today are in awe of Billy Brown’s ability to pull yet another Alaskan Bush People renewal out of the Discovery Channel hat. But along with a new season on the way, fans get to witness a long-running mystery solved.

Fans of the show pointed out last season that Billy and his Alaskan Bush People clan now film in Washington State. Living off the grid looked a lot different than it did when Billy and his family first cropped up on TV. Instead of homemade hatchets, they now tote top-of-the-line chain saws.

No longer do they drag things through the Alaskan bush using just muscle power on a home-built sled. Instead, they drive it into their mountain home on trucks or backhoes. Billy Brown still gets behind the wheel when the terrain gets tough.

Lean-to shelters give way to modern-day barns and soon-to-be homes. Most of all, the Alaskan Bush People are just a stones-throw away from civilization in comparison to their true bush days when Billy first got them onto reality TV.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown

Too Many Changes – But Mystery Solved

So, you can see why fans of Alaskan Bush People didn’t expect it to make it to another season. While Billy’s family still faces challenges, they don’t confront the danger and isolation they once did in Alaska. Some fans want to know why they don’t change the show title to fit their new location.

Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell announced a baby on the way last year. They also said to watch for the birth sometime in November. But not a word about the birth of that baby surfaced. Then in December and January, viewers joked about an 11-month pregnancy. Finally, the Alaskan Bush People followers seemed to give up asking.

Still, winter and spring passed without a word on their baby. Fans didn’t pry too much, as some worried possible problems occurred that delayed the announcement. But low and behold, the couple had a healthy baby boy.

So why all the secrecy around their Alaskan Bush People baby’s birth? Meanwhile, Noah couldn’t wait for the cameras to share his son with the world. But, Gabe went the opposite way and opted for privacy as a new family.

Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown and Ami Brown now have three grandchildren. Noah Brown and Rhain Brown are the proud parents of the Brown’s first grandchild, son Eli Brown. Now Bear Brown’s son, River, makes three grandbabies for Ami and Billy.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Message About Bear

Alaskan Bush People: What the New Season Brings For Billy & Family

The headlines blare that the new season leaves Bear Brown heartbroken from his breakup. Plus, Raiven rained on the publicity parade when she sent a post out to Alaskan Bush People fans.

As a new mom estranged from her baby’s father, people offered her sympathy. But that’s not what she wanted. Raiven explained that she barely knew Bear, and they were together for only about three months. So basically, she doesn’t want any sympathy wasted on her.

As far as Bear Brown goes – Alaskan Bush People reports indicate he still has not met his infant son. He is not dealing with this breakup well at all, suggest the previews. It’s odd considering how Raiven describes their time together as fleeting.

Raiven had a premature birth with River, but she now reports the tot surpassed all the preemie issues, and he’s developing as hoped. She also said that he hit all the milestones at the age expected.

Billy Brown said he plans to die on the WA mountain surrounded by his family. He is sick, and Ami told her Alaskan Bush People brood that their dad would not get better. So this season, Billy’s medical condition will be front and center. Still, the Brown patriarch managed to get his show up and running for yet another season.

The new season of Alaskan Bush People begins August 23 at 8 pm EST on the Discovery Channel. A recap and outtakes from last season will run on August 22.

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