‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Calls Bear Brown a ‘Deadbeat Dad’ as He Reverses Court Docs

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and baby mama Raiven Adams are at war. He says the court papers were misfiled and he’s not trying to avoid being baby River Anthony Adams’ dad. But she slapped back with a roster of accusations against her baby daddy. See the latest with this sticky situation.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Claims Court Papers a Mistake

As Soap Dirt reported, Bear Brown filed papers shortly after Raiven Adams gave birth to disestablish himself as father. This is a case filing when you claim you’re not the father of a child. Now, though, Bear’s reversed course and the case roster shows he’s trying to establish paternity.

According to the Alaskan Bush People cast member, there was a “mistake in the order” that was filed. You can see his statement below. He said he’ll always see himself as River’s father. But Raiven Adams hit back and said that his lawyer cost $6,000, so she doubted it was a mistake.

Bear Brown - Alaskan Bush People

Raiven Adams Calls Bear “Deadbeat” – Hints Court Filing Not a Mistake

After Alaskan Bush People son Bear Brown posted his explanation, Raiven Adams hit back. She alleged that Bear Brown didn’t like “being called a deadbeat”. Then, she said she has “receipts for all of your crazy”. You can see below that Raiven shared a text she claims informs Bear their son was born.

Then, Bear Brown posted a text two days later asking about River’s health. Raiven Adams combats Bear’s claim he found out only after the baby was born. Plus, in another rant that Raiven posted, then deleted, she said she was on the phone with Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear when the premature labor began.

Only she said nurses rushed her off the phone because her vitals were skyrocketing and the stress was a risk. Short-term Alaskan Bush People cast member Raiven Adams took down her initial scathing rant. Then, she posted other allegations that were less harsh, but still quite damning, if true.

Raiven Adams

Custody War Looming for Alaskan Bush People Parents

You can see below that the Alaskan Bush People star’s lawyer changed the filing. You can see the original claim to disestablish paternity. Now, the case roster shows it’s to establish paternity. And a section on custody’s there too.

In her now-deleted rant, Raiven Adams explained more why she dropped the restraining order. She said she was advised to address her accusations of abuse against Bear Brown during the custody case. That’s pending a date not yet posted. But it’s sure to be Raiven versus all the Alaskan Bush People.

Now, Raiven’s alleging again that she was abused and mistreated and says that she’s got proof that his family and the Alaskan Bush People crew knew what happened.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Abuse Allegations Not Done Even Though Restraining Order Off the Table

While Raiven Adams deleted a shocking rant against Bear Brown, youngest son of the Alaskan Bush People, she reposted much of the information about an hour later. It seems she was upset Bear posted a photo of her and River and said he “uses my son for publicity”. Then, she clarified they dated just three months but she got pregnant in month one.

You can see more of Raiven’s allegations against Bear below. She said he made her move “multiple times” while pregnant because she wasn’t “submitting to him”. Also, Raiven Adams says she can prove all of this and it’ll come out in court when she faces off against the Alaskan Bush People clan.

River Adams - Raiven Adams

Raiven Says She’s Got “Proof of Everything” on Alaskan Bush People

Again, Raiven Adams repeated her claims that echo her statements in her restraining order papers. And she says “the entire crew and family knew” how Bear Brown treated her. Another shocker you can see above is that Raiven says her son is on Medicaid. That’s insurance for low-income pregnant women.

And her latest salvo in the battle is below. Raiven says this is a text from Bear’s attorney. Although there’s legalese, in there, there’s no way to confirm its source. But you can read it and her comments below. She called it a “lovely text from his lawyer”.

Raiven Adams

Also, Raiven said she could have stayed with the Alaskan Bush People if she wanted money. But she didn’t want to see her “son suffer”. And Raiven Adams added that she’d rather be poor than that. She also said Bear Brown doesn’t “want to be a dad” and wanted her as his “pet”.

For now, this war of words plays out online. Soon, though, Raiven Adams promises it’ll come out in court as she and Bear Brown face-off over custody. At the moment, Bear’s acting like it’s a misunderstanding but Raiven claims he hasn’t tried to visit their son, who was born premature and in crisis. Stay tuned.

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