‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Not Expected to Recover – All Kids in New Season?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Billy Brown will see yet another new season of his reality series roll-out despite many fans assuming it was over. All the changes had fans questioning if this once off-the-grid series still had what it takes for a wilderness challenge. Many believed the Discovery Channel pulled the plug on the series. Especially after no updates surfaced on the fate of the show.

Alaskan Bush People: Change for Billy Brown

The original big draw to the Alaskan Bush People was to watch this family attempt to stay alive in a far-off corner of Alaska. It was a place without electricity, phone service, or stores. The family needed to live off the land.

But those days are long gone. Now Billy Brown has his Alaskan Bush People clan on a mountain in Washington State. They have bulldozers, a modern-day barn, pens for livestock, and vehicles to drive to a supermarket. They no longer have Alaska or the bush to contend with.

The challenge today is for each Alaskan Bush People sibling to build a home. But they need to do this before the winter sets in on the mountain. Two of the brothers banded together to make a home for Billy and Ami Brown.

Noah Brown and Gabe Brown, each with a wife and a baby son, plan to build a house with three separate sections. This will allow them their own space for their little Alaskan Bush People families. But, they can still have their parents right there with them as well.

Alaskan Bush People Family Picture

Billy & Ami Brown To Have Grandbabies Close By

It looks like Billy Brown and Ami Brown will live between their two sons in this one house. Billy Brown is sick and Ami Brown informed all the Brown children that their father will not get better.

The doctors were against Billy living on the mountain due to the high altitude. The oxygen is thinner at that level. While Billy Brown’s latest diagnosis is his heart, breathing for the Alaskan Bush People patriarch has become labored.

Before Billy was discharged from the hospital on the last season of the series, his Alaskan Bush People sons pulled the trailer their parents live in down the mountain. So Billy could come back to the mountain while living at a lower altitude.

It sounds like Noah and Gabe see this one house as a place Billy Brown can live for the rest of his life. The Alaskan Bush People father wants to die on that mountain when the time comes. Until that day with his sons and grandsons in the same location, Billy can enjoy the things he most enjoys – his family.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown - Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People: The Gang Is All Here

It looks like all the Brown kids are in the preview shots of the new season of Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People. Matt Brown doesn’t seem to be missing this time around. Even his social media account photos look as if he’s on the mountain.

So it appears Matt is back. Gabe and Raquell Brown announced a pregnancy last year with a due date in November. Well, November, then December came and went with no birth announcement. Some fans worried that something went wrong. But their baby boy was born strong and healthy. The mystery spun because these parents opted to keep their firstborn out of the limelight.

Now with the Alaskan Bush People new season about to roll out in a few weeks, fans learn they get to meet Gabe and Raquell’s baby. So it seems the family is all making efforts to give Billy Brown a season with all his family around him.

Bear Brown is having a tough time these days as he’s yet to see his baby son, River. He split with his girlfriend and mother of his son, Raiven Adams. The couple has been estranged leaving Bear only photos to look at instead of seeing his son in person.

Last season on Raiven said the baby would appear on the new season of Alaskan Bush People but a lot of water has passed under that bridge since that time. Will Bear finally meet River and will his family meet him as well?

Discovery Channel airs the newest  Alaskan Bush People season on August 23 at 8 pm EST. On August 22 Discovery scheduled a day of recaps and previously unseen footage ahead of the new season debut.

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