’90 Day Fiance’: Tiffany Franco Reveals the Sad Truth About Daniel’s Bio Dad

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith finally got married on a recent episode of the TLC spinoff. But, ever since Tiffany was first introduced, TLC viewers have wondered about the biological dad of her young son Daniel. He hasn’t been in the picture and many viewers are curious. Recently, Tiffany Franco revealed the truth. What did she have to say?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Tiffany Franco Dishes on Daniel’s Dad

Tiffany Franco said to 90 Day Fiance followers that Daniel’s father, Roger, was the victim of a workplace violence incident that resulted in his death in October 2018. Tiffany Franco said that Roger tried to break up a fight between co-workers and ended up with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Daniel told TLC cameras early on The Other Way that he couldn’t wait to meet his new dad Ronald Smith in South Africa. Now, watchers know what really happened to his biological father.

90 Day Fiance‘s Tiffany Franco went on to say Roger was a good person with an “amazing heart”. The young mom included pictures of the couple when they were younger and many TLC watchers note Daniel looks just like his dad. Tiffany went on to say Roger wasn’t in Daniel’s life but asked about him often. She added that he wasn’t ready to be a father.

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Just a post so that everyone can see Daniels biological father. He was a good person with an amazing heart and so many people who loved him, myself included. He gave me the greatest gift, my son. Roger was not involved in Daniels life but asked me about him he never disappeared from our life, he was just never ready to be a dad. We never planned to have a child but it happened I was ready to face it as unprepared as I was, he was never prepared and I accepted that. I never said one negative thing to Daniel about him, I made sure Daniel knew his biological dad was a good kind person. Roger passed away in October 2018 he was trying to break up a fight between two people at his workplace and was shot in the head. It is a hard reality to face, but it happened. He left this earth with honor doing something selfless.We loved him, we love him. He is always with us❤️ we love you Roger, we love u butta. @jwi_xo

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90 Day Fiance: What Else Did Tiffany Reveal?

Even though Roger wasn’t prepared to be a father, Tiffany didn’t hold that against him. The 90 Day Fiance star said her son Daniel wasn’t planned. But, she accepted Roger wasn’t ready to be a dad. Tiffany never bad-mouthed him to her son. She made sure Daniel knew his father was kind. She said what happened to him was harsh but that they continue to love him. And, even though she moved on with Ronald Smith, it’s clear she hasn’t forgotten about Roger.

Despite early concerns with Ronald Smith’s gambling addiction, he has proven to be a father figure for Tiffany’s son. Even with some relationship hurdles, Ronald definitely steps into that role on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. She faced criticism for bringing her young son with her to a foreign country. But, so far everything seems to be working out.

Tiffany, Ronald, and Daniel Now

Tiffany Franco recently gave birth to a baby girl. She and Ronald Smith welcomed Carly Rose Smith. There were concerns initially about safety in the African country. But, it looks like the happy family have adjusted to life there. Some 90 Day Fiance fans commented that the new bundle of joy looks just like the South African man.

There have also been concerns throughout the spinoff season about Ronald Smith getting his act together. He is a recovering gambler and Tiffany Franco wasn’t sure she could count on him. Judging by their social media updates, everyone looks happy and healthy. It seems the family are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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