’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Grilled Cheese, Goodbyes and Laura Already Hitched [Recap]

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way was full of goodbyes this week. Laura Jallali visits with long time pal, Ludwing Perea Melendez, for janky grilled cheese and to drop bombs. Laura says she’s already married to Aladin Jallali and is headed to Qatar in a week. Tiffany Franco takes son Daniel to say goodbye to his best friend. Before she takes him to South Africa to meet his new ‘”dad” Ronald Smith.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit settle into a shrink-wrapped but furnished apartment in India. And Paul Staehle stuns a pregnant Karine Martins. Grab your Velveeta and syrup and let’s take a bite of S1 E4 “Big Expectations” in this TLC hot mess recap.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Laura Jallali Drops a Bomb about Aladin Jallali

90 Day TOW finds 51-year-old Laura preparing to leave it all behind to move to Qatar. She met 29-year-old Aladin on social media. And even visited the hunky personal trainer in Qatar. She heads to friend Ludwing Melendez‘s house (whom she calls her adopted brother) for some lunch and truth. Ludwing opens the door in all his tiny plaid splendor. More so, he stands on a foot stool to prepare Laura a grilled sammich. The contents of which has the internet buzzing today.

It appears Ludwing adds syrup to the cheesy toast. And what looks like olives. One half expects Buddy the Elf to walk in and add a similar culinary flair. In between bites of Ludwing’s gourmet grilled cheese, Laura drops some shockers. It seems Laura Jallali’s already married, it’s a shock to her friends but not to fans. Soap Dirt broke the story that these two were already married.

She married Aladin after only eight days. Of course it’s a Muslim country so it’s the only way they could well, you know. Ludwing gets it. But he points out that Aladin may want children.

On this 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap, Ludwing makes some valid points. Certainly Laura Jallali agrees. She’s unsure if her much-younger (and very hot) husband will be faithful. Of course, she worries that he wants a family. And could leave her for another woman. Ludwing predicts that an accident is about to happen for Laura. And it’s not because of that funky grilled cheese. But, he knows he can’t stop her.

90 Day Fiance – Jenny Slatten’s Fiance Sumit Have Cold Feet?

Then, Jenny Slatten finally makes it to India. But Sumit wasn’t there. Finally, Sumit showed to pick up his American love. He was an hour late. The two certainly seem happy to see each other. Jenny says she was scared she’d be lost in India if he didn’t show. As if the TLC camera crew and producers would’ve just left her there. But then again, they just might.

Sumit told his parents he’s moving to Mumbai for a new job, and will be living with roommates on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. But Sumit admits he also told his dad before that Jenny might be coming. Dad’s response : “Are you out of your mind?” So, they are suspicious. Jenny’s had a long flight and would like to shower. Sumit tells her they don’t have hot water yet in their new place. In spite of this, Jenny digs the new place. Everything is new and shrink wrapped in plastic.

This 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap finds Jenny and Sumit settling in. All they need is a water heater and love right? Sumit is anxious. He tells producers he does love Jenny. But of course he also loves his parents. Jenny has no doubts. She tells Sumit he’s her everything and all she wants. Time will tell with these two…

Tiffany Franco Heads To South Africa To Marry Fresh-Out-of-Rehab Ronald Smith

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tiffany Franco packs for South Africa. She’s going to marry her fiance Ronald Smith. Who certainly comes with a lot of baggage. She met Ronald while on vacation there. He swept her off her feet and proposed. Turns out Ronald has a bit of a problem with gambling. Well, more than a bit. He actually is in a rehab right now for this addiction. But he’s scheduled to be out soon. Tiffany promised she’d be there to greet him.

So, she takes her young son Daniel to say farewell to BFF Malique. The two pals hug it out. Poor Daniel. Not only does his mom have him trained to call a stranger dad, she’s ripping him away from anything he’s ever known like an old Band-Aid. Much like another 90 Day Fiance cast member who shall go nameless (cough, cough, Nicole), her family and friends question her sanity.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tiffany’s mom isn’t happy about this. But much like another concerned but spineless mom of a dimwit dragging her kid around the world (ahem, Robbalee Fouraker), she does nothing to stop it. Tiffany admits that if Daniel and Ronald don’t share the same chemistry in life as they do on video chat, she will have a problem. Certainly the best thing for a recovering addict of any kind is to hit the ground running with an instant family he barely knows…

Paul Staehle Surprises Karine Martins on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Karine Martins isn’t too happy that Paul cancelled his trip to Brazil. After all, she’s seven months pregnant and in need of Clearasil and stuffed unicorns. She attends an English class and appears to be the star pupil. She thinks this will give her the upper hand in their arguments instead of letting Siri fight her battles. Later, Karine talks with her brother. He’s not sure about Paul and calls him lazy… and a demon.

But then on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Paul is finally off to Brazil. He’s scaled down his baggage and isn’t coming back. Although fans know that’s not true as SD exclusively published leaked first pictures of Paul, his son Pierre Staehle and wife Karine in the US.

Later, Paul arrives in Brazil and tells crew they live in a bad neighborhood where someone was murdered recently. He hopes he doesn’t get robbed. So, he sneaks in on Karine in the middle of the night. Nothing like terrifying your pregnant wife. Karine is happy even though she hates him. Till next time on the TLC spinoff, enjoy the recap.

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