’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Rachel Furious – Jon Messages Ex with ‘Love’

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Rachel Bear and Jon Walters are not in a great place when this Sunday night’s episode airs. It looks like falling in love online is much different when you meet the object of your affection in person. At least it seems to work that way for the several couples who 90 Day Fiance follow.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Rachel Bear and Jon Walters

The one 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple who looked as if they would make it was Rachel Bear and Jon Walters. These two seem genuinely in love. The couple hasn’t been able to secure a visa for Jon to come to America to marry Rachel, so she flies back to England. She prepares to marry Jon across the pond and once married they can apply for a spousal visa.

This week Rachel runs into something that makes her doubt Jon. He reached out to an ex and told her that he loved her when they were together. Now Rachel, who has gone through all this trouble to marry Jon in England, is left with doubts.

Rachel Bear Confronts Jon Walters Over ‘Love’ Message to Ex

The previews for Sunday Night’s episode show Rachel confronts Jon. Despite his explanation, Rachel is apprehensive to continue on with this rushed marriage to get Jon that spousal visa.

Rachel travels all the way from Albuquerque to England for her wedding. As she prepares to marry her 90 Day Fiance she finds messages that Jon sent to an ex-girlfriend. She tells Jon:

“I saw how you told her that you really did love her, about how bad you felt [about] the way you treated her back then as if there was some lingering closure on your end you never told me about.”

90 Day Fiance – Rachel Bear Fixates on Word ‘Love’

Jon defends himself by telling Rachel she only caught part of the message he sent. He also tells her most of his conversation centered on Rachel and their up-and-coming marriage. Rachel was hung up on the word “love.” She tells Jon:

“I just feel like the word ‘love’ should never be thrown to an ex-girlfriend.” Rachel continued, “I just feel like there’s a line, there’s a boundary there. There are some things that shouldn’t be said. I don’t understand why you feel now, to go back in time, and say, ‘I really did love you,’ just before we get married.”

Jon Walters and His Wild Days

The discovery of this message comes on the heels of Rachel finding out about Jon’s wild past when it comes to women. When she met his close friend during her first visit to England he told her about Jon’s past love life. Jon had several open relationships in the past, which really bothered Rachel.

The friend appeared more concerned about Rachel getting hurt than he was about his friend getting married. The man, who knew Jon for a long time, had his doubts about his ability to settle down. For that matter so did Jon in the beginning.

Jon worked through those doubts. As the episodes rolled on, his words of love and his promise to remain faithful to Rachel seem sincere. Jon’s criminal past was the result of his tendency to get into brawls. During one of the fights someone was hurt, so in that case, the charges were more serious than a typical fight would bring.

Rachel also worked through her concerns over Jon’s tendency to fight. With his promise to leave that part of him behind and an engagement ring, the two decided they were meant to be together.

90 Day Fiance – Lawyer Roadblock

Their plight to marry had roadblocks. Fans saw the immigration lawyer’s bad news on a previous episode. The lawyer explained Jon was looking at a possible 3-year wait for a K-1 90-day fiancé visa. They were also told there’s a chance he’d never get a visa into the US. With that said, it looks as if the folks behind the scenes of 90 Day Fiance might have created more drama than needed.

The couple’s chances at obtaining a visa weren’t as impossible as it sounded on the show. It looks like drama brings in the viewers, so some extra drama emerged that worked to do this. Still, Rachel and Jon believed they had an uphill battle to live as husband and wife in America.

Now finding the messages to one of his ex-girlfriends really put Rachel on the edge and planted doubt in her mind. According to In US Weekly, this made Rachel not only jealous but worried as well.

Jon Walters Defends Himself to Rachel Bear

Jon commented on Rachel’s concerns. He explained who he sent this message to and why. Jon said:

“She’s been a friend for 18 years. We were talking about the wedding and I guess, thinking about the future made me think about the past,” he says. “While this conversation was happening, you know, I did say I loved her, that I was sorry because I’m not that person anymore and now I know how a man should love a woman. I’m ashamed of the person I was.”

Watch 90 Day Fiance Sunday night and see the results of the new and latest doubts haunting Rachel Bear about Jon Walters.

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