’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel Bear and Jon Walters – Visa Never a Problem, Just Ratings Ploy?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Rachel Bear and Jon Walters spent much of the time on Sunday night’s episode researching a K-1 visa. This caused Rachel Bear to break out in tears a few times. Furthermore, it left Jon feeling rather helpless, which was evident on 90 Day Fiance Sunday night. It appears that all this anguish was for nothing. A source with inside info on the show reports that TLC knew all along that he could probably get a visa.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Rachel Bear & Jon Walters Bad News

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear probably have a good chance of making a life together. They seem more compatible than most couples on 90 Day Fiance this season.

According to Rachel Bear, earlier Jon Walters was denied a tourist visa when he wanted to visit her for Lucy’s birth. She claims it was due to his criminal record. Tourist Visas are often denied for minor criminal offenses when the applicant is trying to get one fast.  It’s odd that Jon didn’t apply for a visitor’s visa because that was purpose of his trip. But in the case of a K-1 Visa, it’s a different story with different criterias.

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Attempt with Lawyer for K-1 Visa

Once the 90 Day Fiance couple became engaged, they wanted a K-1 90-day fiance visa. This would allow Jon Walters to enter the United States. Rachel Bear wanted her wedding held in the US, not across the pond. She claims her family and friends can’t afford to fly to England to attend her wedding. Jon’s reported visa problems left them no choice in the matter, they had to get married in England.

The immigration attorney on the show made it appear as if it’s not an easy feat obtaining a visa for the man from England. According to the lawyer, who met with Rachel Bear on the show, it looked rather hopeless. The attorney shown on 90 Day Fiance said they could be looking at a three-year wait for any type of visa.

The two decided once they married in England they would then go after a spousal visa to get Jon into the States. But they believe there’s still a chance he could be denied any visa into the US despite the marriage.

This info leaves the couple in the middle of a game of visa Russian Roulette just to spend their lives together. Again, they went by what the attorney, who talked with the couple on the show Sunday night, had to say.

90 Day Fiance Cover-Up?

Jon’s criminal record reportedly stands in his way. But Soap Dirt has learned from a source behind the scenes that Jon can probably obtain a visa and that show producers knew this all along.

The source indicates that TLC had once used a different immigration attorney to do a recorded interview with Jon Walters. The interview was much like the one seen on the show last night via Skype with Jon. The only difference is the other attorney’s interview with Jon never aired.

90 Day Fiance – Attorney Switcheroo?

It never aired because this attorney didn’t do what the show’s producers requested of him, claims the source. TLC wanted Jon to hear that this visa debacle could go on for years. According to the source, the immigration lawyer not seen on the show had instructions to tell him he’s got a tough road ahead with this visa application.

Apparently, this attorney, whose interview never aired, told the truth. He didn’t see why Jon couldn’t get that visa despite his past police record.

This is not what we learned on Sunday night’s show via Skype with Rachel Bear and the new lawyer.

The source suggests TLC found another immigration attorney who obliged to their requests. That was the interview that aired Sunday night. This lawyer told Rachel and Jon they had slim chances and it could take years for Jon to get a visa. This left Rachel in tears and her man despondent.

Jon Walters Not Undesirable for Visa?

The immigration attorney who gave Jon the real scoop said that his very old record of fighting was not the type of record that would forbid him access to a visa. While someone did get their eye injured during one of his fights, he didn’t cause any fatal injuries that would work against him.

According to CRS Report, the K-1 Visa did adopt a stringent policy after an incident in 2015 in San Bernadino, California. Shooters entered the US on the K-1 visa, which put much attention on the procedures and protocols on this type of visa. Jon’s old brawling charges do not appear to fall into any of the categories listed.

According to the source, the K-1 Fiance visa would be denied to someone who committed murder, sexual crimes, terrorism, or someone who has serious drug convictions. The immigration attorney whose interview was not used on the show believed that he didn’t fall into this category. Jon’s only punches currently are his online jabs at other co-stars of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

So why was the visa presented on the show as a problem? It looks like drama brings back the viewers and there’s not much drama in a happily-ever-after love story. Many fans are pulling for the couple despite all this visa stuff. They look like a couple in love and a couple that belong together, according to many of the show’s fans.

Rachel and Jon Married

Fans watched as Rachel picked out her wedding gown on Sunday night’s episode but it appears the couple may already be married. It looks as if another bit of info was kept from the fans. The real identity of Lucy’s biological father may also be hidden from the viewers of the show as well.

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