’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Rachel Bear Duped By Jon Walters With ‘Cousin’?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days “Tell All” episode has Rachel Bear and Jon Walters in rare form on Sunday night. The final episode of this 90 Day Fiance season offers an explosive “Tell All” segment.  Just when you thought you’ve seen the most bizarre behavior from these reality show characters new surprises come along. One of those surprises has to do with  Jon Walters and Rachel Bear.

90 Days Fiance Spoilers: Before the 90 Days – Rachel Bear & Jon Walters

Rachel Bear and her new husband Jon Walters didn’t look too happy on the last episode of 90 Day Fiance after he told her he lost his job. He also told her he is $50,000  in debt from a student loan. This is “crushing and devastating” to Rachel. But… they go on with the engagement party as well as their wedding, as seen on TLC.

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While Jon sounds like he’s being honest there’s another incident that pops up. This is one for the fans to ponder for sure. Was Jon being truthful or was he just trying to settle Rachel down? This incident happened at their engagement party.

90 Day Fiance: Jon Dups Rachel Bear with ‘Cousin’?

It seems that Jon Walters invited an ex-girlfriend to the festivities bringing a bit of jealousy out in Rachel. She was peeved over this even before the event, as many fiances would be.

The night of the engagement party Rachel Bear sat down at the table across from a young pretty woman, it looked like she just knew it was Jon’s ex-girlfriend. Her face gave her mood away, she was uncomfortable and seemed to be holding back the anger.

According to Jon, the woman was his “cousin” but he didn’t introduce her as his relative until after he witnessed Rachel’s response. You could tell right away Rachel wasn’t happy this woman showing up at her engagement party. That is until Jon Walters changes the mood with a bit of information that makes Rachels woes dissolve.

Before the 90 Days – Rachel’s Relief

Rachel’s demeanor changed once Jon introduced the woman as his cousin. But was this woman really his relative or his ex? Was Jon playing damage control by introducing this woman as his “cousin.” If that was the case it looked as if it worked. Once the word “cousin” emerged from Jon’s lips, Rachel’s face lit up in a smile. Although Jon didn’t introduce the the person as a cousin until Rachel took on a look of anger at the table.

Jon did say in an interview after the event he was happy his ex-girlfriend didn’t show up but did she? Was that woman really his cousin at that party? Most 90 Day Fiance fans think TLC tried to dup Rachel as well as the viewers. Most thought the pretty girl was Jon’s ex until Jon introduced her as his cousin. Or at least that is what is said across the social media sites.

With that said, there are some fans who think that the girl really was Jon’s ex. But after seeing Rachel’s reaction some fans thought Jon quickly came up with “cousin.” Some of the comments on social media suggest that it’s possible Jon did this to calm Rachel down, who looked like she was fuming.

So was this woman really Jon’s cousin or an ex-girlfriend? Jon Walters seemed sincere when he announced to the camera later that he was relieved his ex-girlfriend didn’t show up. But he did take his time introducing the her as his cousin, giving Rachel time to stew in her worries at the table.

90 Day Fiance – ‘Tell All’

On Sunday night’s “Tell All” episode, the American cast members are on the set in the US with their fiances joining the show via a TV screen. Only one foreign fiance is on the 90 Day Fiance set and that is Jesse Meester, who was Darcey Silva’s fiance.

Rachel’s face lights up when Jon appears from England on the TV screen and she greets him with a “hi babe.” Jon is holding a coffee mug that seems to indicate he is really getting into his new role as a daddy and a husband. The mug says “Husband, Father, King.”

Rachel and Jon Walters Off to a Good Start Until…

Things seem to start out great for the couple during this satellite TV visit but something changes the mood. In the preview for the episode, the host of the “Tell All” show, Shaun Robinson, asks Jon about his temper.

All of the sudden the camera pans to a crying Rachel Bear. Next, you see Jon Walters going off on a rant. He is saying something about his masculinity as Rachel hangs her head in tears.

Jon is going to work on his temper, or so he says, but during the “Tell All” segment, it looks as if his temper got the best of him. Be sure to watch the season finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days when “Tell All” airs Sunday night on TLC.

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