’90 Day Fiance’: Jon Walters Has One Big Request About Wife Rachel

90 Day Fiance alum Jon Walters has one critical request when it comes to wife Rachel Walters. He shared this “ask” along with an amazing personal life moment with Soap Dirt. Jon appears to adore his wife Rachel Walters, formerly Rachel Bear.

Jon Walters told us it bothers him when people call her by her maiden name “Rachel Bear.”

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance fans saw them get hitched on Before the 90 Days. The two are happily married today. While Rachel lives on one side of the pond and he lives on the other, they’re still making it work. In fact, she is back to the UK soon to spend time with her hubby.

Jon Walters Reminds Folks It Is “Rachel Walters”

Now that Jon Walters is no longer a 90 Day Fiance, but a married man, he would prefer everyone call Rachel by her married name. Jon reached out to us to ask we drop “Rachel Bear” and write “Rachel Walters”. Legally, she changed her last name to Jon Walter’s last name when they married.

That brings us to the amazing moment Jon talked about with us. While this usually happens for couples the same day they say “I do,” Jon Walters and Rachel Bear Walters had to wait. Instead, it happened right after their wedding aired on 90 Day Fiance on TLC. So what is it?

Jon explained that after they married, they couldn’t let anyone know. They had to keep it under wraps until the show aired their wedding. Rachel continued on as Rachel Bear all that time, even on social media. He said that was hard on them because they wanted to celebrate the fact they were finally a married couple. For the sake of the show, they had to keep it secret.

Jon Walters Shares “Most Amazing Feeling”

Jon exclusively told Soap Dirt about the sweet moment when they could finally make it “official” with Rachel’s name change to his last name. He told us, “So once our wedding was aired it was the most amazing feeling finally being able to celebrate it.”

Jon follows articles online about them and 90 Day Fiance. He told us he noticed sites still referring to his wife as “Rachel Bear”. He also said he knows not every article will be positive, but he just wishes they would include her married name when blogs and news sites write about them.

Waking to Rachel Walters’ Voice

Former 90 Day Fiance Jon Walters also shared a little bit of what their life is like right now. He said when it is 4:30 am in the UK, Rachel is just getting into bed at home back in New Mexico. He said despite the time difference: “we’re on the phone.”

Jon Walters sleeps with the phone as he likes to wake to the sound of his wife’s voice. He also added that it’s the “first thing I hear” in the morning. It’s not the ideal situation for the former 90 Day Fiance couple. But he did say, “we are making this work.”

Jon Walters Offers Tidbit on Rachel and Lucy – 90 Day Fiance

Jon also shared Rachel’s favorite picture with Soap Dirt. It’s the one at the top of this article. The photo shows them kissing as man and wife right after they got hitched. When we asked Jon about Rachel and Lucy, he offered a glowing report. He said, “They are fine, we’re actually really happy – life is moving the right direction.”

This couple met on karaoke app Smule, as they both enjoy singing. Their season of 90 Day Fiance covered their lyrical meet-cute. Rachel and Jon aren’t typical novice karaoke singers – they can both really sing and sound fantastic together. Their voices blend nicely and their duets must be heard to be appreciated.

Check them out for yourself in the video above singing “You’re Beautiful”. As you can hear, these two make beautiful music together.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Rachel Walters

Rachel and Jon appeared on the most recent season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Even though they’re fan favorites, they also attracted some controversy from the day the season began. They had many fans hoping Jon would get his K1 visa and come to the US to live as a family. While he didn’t offer an update on where they are in that process, he sounded really hopeful.

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