’90 Day Fiance’ Recap : Steven Puts a Ring on Olga – Jay and Ashley Elope With Elvis – Season 6 Episode 10 ‘Where The Truth Lies”

In this 90 Day Fiance recap, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith get hitched in Sin City Elvis style. Steven Frend gets down on one knee in Russia to propose to Olga Koshimbetova. Larissa Christina makes amends with Colt’s mother Debbie Johnson and Eric Rosenbrook’s kids won’t make it proper for his wedding to Leida Margaretha. Let’s dive right into the action on this recap of Where The Truth Lies recap of Season 9 episode 10 of TLC’s crazy hit show.

Olga Koshimbetova Gets Some Girl Talk on 90 Day Fiance

New mom Olga Koshimbetova heads to her friend Anna’s apartment for some girl talk on 90 Day Fiance. Baby daddy Steven says he applied for her K1 visa but did he? Baby Richie is now an official US citizen and Olga’s BFF worries that Steven Frend is playing her just to get his son to America.

Anna chops veggies and tells Olga to wake up. Did Steven even bother to apply for Olga? She says she’s asked many times. With Steven having difficulty with even the simplest questions, Olga isn’t sure what her fate is. Anna agrees to babysit so the two can have some alone time and Olga Koshimbetova can get to the bottom of this issue.

Steven Frend Reveals a Big Secret and Proposes

Steven Frend admits to producers that he’s been keeping a pretty big secret from Olga. He really didn’t apply for her visa when he said he did. Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova sit on a park bench on 90 Day Fiance. He stammers about keeping a secret. The-ever patient Olga waits for the bomb to drop. Steven tells her he has since applied for the visa but admits he waited until he got to Russia.

Olga is angry but then wants to know what now. Steven says he realizes Richie needs to stay with his mom. Duh. He also professes how much he loves her and gets down on one knee to propose. Olga Koshimbetova says yes to the ring despite Steven’s fib about the visa. Now he’s got to get back to America and get ready for her and the baby to join him.

Eric Rosenbrook’s Kids Won’t Make It Proper for Wedding

We join Eric Rosenbrook in his Baraboo hood on a bleak night in a bleak diner. He’s called a summit with his three daughters. Eric wants them to attend his wedding in a few days. The kids aren’t feeling it since he kicked middle daughter Tasha to the curb. On 90 Day Fiance Eric makes a half-hearted apology. Youngest daughter Jennica does a spot on impression of Leida.

She even mocks her trademark phrase about “make it proper”. The oldest daughter thinks Eric’s apology isn’t sincere. Tasha isn’t sold either and won’t be attending the wedding. The others stand by their sister. Eric cries to producers that he spent two decades basing his decisions on the kids. Now it’s his turn. He probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for Father’s Day gifts this year.

Leida Margaretha Unravels in the Makeup Chair on 90 Day Fiance

On 90 Day Fiance, Leida goes for a makeup trial. She claims back in Indonesia she had a whole team of people that did her makeup and hair and wiped her spoiled arse. She floats in and out of a quasi-British accent. The makeup artist quizzes her about the wedding. Leida admits it’s a tight time frame but that she fell in love with America (oops, I mean Eric) in 7 days.

Leida pops off about her hatred of Eric paying child support. The makeup artist who’s trying to tame her crazy eyebrows tells her to relax. Eric and Leida take a walk to discuss the wedding. Leida bitches about bugs and things being dirty in Baraboo. Eric asks what she’ll do if Tasha shows up at the wedding. Leida again threatens to leave. 90 Day Fiance fans yawn and Eric begs. Nothing new here.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa Go Back To Cali

On 90 Day Fiance, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa are back in Cali at yet another Airbnb. They will marry in just a few short days. Kalani has nothing ready and is still keeping her pregnancy a secret. Only her Mom Lisa knows about baby number two. Kalani, mom Lisa, and the always-constipated-looking Kolini head to get mani-pedis before the big day. Kolini asks her sis if she’s nervous.

She is nervous but wants to marry Asuelu. Wannabe baby daddy Kolini seems bummed out. She wants nothing but strife. Kolini is planning a bachelorette party. She asks if Lani will be boozing. She shrugs it off and says no since she’s still breastfeeding. Mom Lisa sweats bullets worrying about the secret Kalani is keeping from her sister on 90 Day Fiance.

Shirley Temples, Penis Balloons and a Confession

At a sports bar called Hub, Kolini has decorated a table with phallic balloons. Bride-to-be Kalani arrives in a dress and veil and is lei’d with a penis necklace. Lini is ready to get this party started even though Kalani orders a Shirley Temple. The girls ask Lani to say what is sexiest about Asuelu. She says it’s his D. Then she asks the others if she can have a moment with her sis.

Kalani spills the news that she is preggo to her sister on 90 Day Fiance. And the award for the most self-centered and immature woman on the planet goes to KOLINI! She cries and throws a tantrum like her sister getting knocked up (again) wounds her somehow. Kolini tells producers she will do her best to remind her sister it’s okay to back out but the wedding is happening.

Fernanda Flores Gives Jonathan Rivera a Letter (and a Curfew)

Teen queen Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera wake up in separate rooms. The two had a fight when Jon chose a cold one after work over Fernanda. In dramatic fashion, Fernanda let him know that while he spent 45 minutes drinking an IPA, she almost died of loneliness. After sleeping on the bed in the house that Jon bought them, with her new boobs and in the clothes Jon bought her, she has a change of heart.

She will “make him a letter” to apologize on 90 Day Fiance. Fernanda reads the letter and Jonathan tears up. He admits that after being a selfish cad for so many years, he’s out of the sensitivity loop. Fernanda tells him she will stay. But if she calls him at the bar he better GET HOME NOW and not in 45 minutes. She basically said – I’m sorry you didn’t do what I told you, right?

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith – Do You Take This Hunk a Hunk Of Burning Love?

On 90 Day Fiance, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith get ready to tie the knot in Sin City. Jay reflects on the day by letting producers know he “thinks” he’s ready. He says no one is probably really ready to get married unless they are 50. Ashley Martson gets her hair and makeup done and admits she’s a little sad.

She’s run away from two weddings and didn’t think the one that would stick involved a puffy Elvis impersonator and a red tux. The two exchange vows that include such passages as “I promise to love you tender and never leave you at heartbreak hotel”. After promising to take her Jamaican hunk a hunk of burning love and not return him to sender (or his homeland), the marriage is official.

Jay Gets Bored and Ashley Gets Burned

It’s a mere one week after their classy wedding at the Chapel of Love and Ashley is in tears. 90 Day Fiance producers question the newlywed. She says at 2 am someone was on FaceTime with Jay. He claimed it was someone asking about a tattoo. Ashley messaged the woman who said she met Jay on Tinder and they were planning to meet up.

Ashley Martson confronted Jay with the evidence and he punched a hole in the wall. Apparently, the Vegas vows left out the part about “Suspicious Minds”. Jay admits he created a Tinder account the day after the wedding because he was bored. Ashley tearfully admits that she went to ex- BFF Natalie’s house after she found out about Jay’s hound dog ways. Natalie finally got the last word on the “Devil in Disguise”.

Colt Johnson Addresses the Elephant in the Room

On 90 Day Fiance, Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina are set to wed in nine days. Larissa and mother-wife Debbie Johnson haven’t spoken since the infamous barbecue blowout. Colt talks to his mommy while she searches Pinterest for a homemade pizza recipe. Colt brings up the “elephant in the room”. And no he wasn’t referring to fat cat Cookie Dough.

Instead, he means the tension between his two ladies. Debbie isn’t really keen on the bootiful Brazilian taking her place. She’s also not sure if she can forgive Larissa and straight up calls her a b*tch. Colt worries he will have to choose between the two. Norma Bates says Larissa will have to step up. Is she worthy to take her place? Fans of 90 Day Fiance wonder the same thing.

90 Day Fiance – Manicures and Mother-Wife for Larissa Christina

Larissa has agreed to Colt’s suggestion to make nice with Debbie. She invites her competition/future mother-in-law to get pre-wedding manicures. Debbie opts for pale pink nails. Larissa gets a French manicure but with “glittery”. The Brazilian bites the bullet first and apologizes to Debbie on 90 Day Fiance.

Mama is skeptical but agrees to make peace. The nail techs get in on the convo. They ask if Colt is a “mother’s boy” to which Larissa and Debbie both simultaneously answer “yes”. She assures Deb that she loves her son 1000%. This is good enough for Debbie who agrees to move out. Shockingly Larissa says she can stay. It’s a good day for Coltee as now he can have his sex and eat beef stew too!

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