90 Day Fiance: Larissa Feels Trapped By Colt and Debbie – Reveals Huge Regrets

90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina recently shared with fans that her situation with Colt Johnson and the ever-watchful Debbie Johnson is less than ideal. She opened up to a certain non-English speaking faction of her fans on Instagram and Soap Dirt had these messages translated to see what she said.

The answers she gave to her Portuguese-speaking fans differ greatly from her replies to American 90 Day Fiance watchers. Here’s what we discovered when we decrypted some of her Portuguese-language social media posts.

Larissa Christina Opens Up To Brazilian Fans

Larissa Christina (aka Larissa Dos Santos Lima) often shares intriguing and sometimes strange messages on social media for 90 Day Fiance fans. In the past, we saw a blatant cry for help leading up to her second domestic violence arrest. At other times, Larissa engages with fans and answers questions perhaps more openly than she should.


Portuguese is her native tongue, so it’s natural she communicates in it. But it could also be a way for her to engage without Colt or Debbie decoding her messages. It may also be that she feels safe because the American “fans” that sometimes troll her can’t read these missives. But we’ve got the translations!

Below is a slideshow of just a few of her messages (just in case you speak Portuguese)!

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Larissa’s Social Media Secrets Revealed

90 Day Fiance star Larissa recently took to Instagram to answer fan questions. Her advice to a fan thinking about being on the show with a guy she met from Egypt is to “run to the hills.” She advises another fan to “study the laws of the country, your rights, and know the boy better” while waiting for a K-1 visa.

A fan called Debbie “the old woman” and asked about their dynamic. Larissa said if she “go against” her, “I’m wrong”. But it also sounds like her patience is wearing thin. The Brazilian babe added, “If I agree to live like this, I’m going to bury myself in life.”

Debbie Johnson Rules the Roost

It sounds like Larissa is chafing about the control Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie has over her life. Remember, Larissa Christina cannot work or drive yet in the US. And it seems she has no money of her own. The recent couch debacle on 90 Day Fiance was a perfect example of who is in charge – and it’s not Larissa even though she’s now married to Colt Johnson. It didn’t help that Colt promised her she could pick out the couch, then later took that control away.

Remember, his mother Debbie has sole access to Colt’s credit cards and bank accounts so Larissa may well feel trapped. Could frustration over a lack of control in her life be what led to the altercations when Larissa was arrested? When a Brazilian 90 Day Fiance fan asked about their fights, she said, “It’s being very difficult. I will not lie.”

You can see the TLC tweet below where the network claims that Debbie Johnson takes care of the home.

A fan mentioned Debbie’s Instagram post that Colt Johnson’s mom “did everything for Thanksgiving”. Larissa contradicted both saying, “I’m the one who cleans the house. She just cooks…” Then she added if she tries to cook, Debbie engages in “emotional blackmail.” Larissa said she avoided Debbie at the holiday because Colt’s mom was “playing games” and showed “jealousy” when Larissa tried to set up the tree.

Larissa Christina Shares Regrets About Televised Romance

Larissa said she didn’t meet Colt Johnson on a dating website. They met on Facebook via mutual friends, according to her IG chat in Portuguese. She says “he saw me on Facebook… and sent me a message.” When asked if she and Colt Johnson still live with Debbie she says, “Unfortunately, yes” then added that it’s a “complicated situation.”

Then a Brazilian fan asked if they should try to get on 90 Day Fiance, Larissa said, “Never and never… my regret is very strong.” Another 90 Day Fiance commented that she’s beautiful, cool, and smart then asked if she feels insecure in the relationship, why does she continue. Larissa replied, “I have my reasons with him” and also said, “but we cannot change the form of a person” and “he has lived like this for years.”

Larissa Spills Tea on Cookie Dough and Coltee

90 Day Fiance fans have lots to say about Colt Johnson’s cat obsession. One Brazilian viewer asked Larissa Christina “Do you really think that Cookie Dough is fat?” Hilariously, Colt’s wife replied, “Fat, no, she is obese” then tacked on “No offense, but the truth has to be said.”

Larissa said she knew Colt lived with his mother but “the story he told me was different, that he wanted to move, etc.” She said when she got to Las Vegas, the “reality was the opposite.” Larissa also clarified that “[Americans] believe in everything they [TLC] show” but said Brazilians investigate before they judge and “are more aware.”

Larissa also told Brazilian fans about Colt’s need for attention. On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, she calls him an attention whore. She was asked, “Why is Colt so interested in fans if he has a queen?” Larissa said, “He never had this attention” so that may be why he craves it.

Calling Out TLC Editing

Many of this season’s 90 Day Fiance cast have called out TLC/Sharp Entertainment for misleading editing. A Brazilian fan asked, “Why do you regret going to the show?” Larissa responded, “As much as you do good things, they only show the bad ones.” She added that once the show writes you one way, the audience “comes with everything to crucify you.”

Next, fans asked Larissa about other 90 Day Fiance cast members. She said they interact at events but also said she doesn’t get along with some of them. Larissa said on the subject: “I am sincere and if you attack me, you will hear back.” That sounds like it might relate to her online feud with Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera.

Larissa Christina said she’s “very grateful” to her Brazilian fans for their support and said “a kiss to all people of Manaus”. We’ll keep an eye out to see if she opens up more to her foreign fans with interesting insights. Catch an all-new episode of 90 Day Fiance Sunday at 8 PM only on TLC.

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