’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Cuts Debbie Out of Wedding Photo

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina posted a photo from her wedding to Colt Johnson. At a glance, Colt’s mom Debbie Johnson is barely shown. There’s no secret that the two women in his life don’t get along. Take a look at the wedding photo below and see what you think.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson in Wedding Photo with Larissa Christina

To be fair, Larissa is expected to live with her mother-in-law who’s been taking care of almost every aspect of Colt’s life. First of all, Debbie controls Colt’s finances, which would make many wives rebel. While the argument here looks like it’s a problem between Larissa and Debbie, Colt needs to take some responsibility as well.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this photo of the 90 Day Fiance couple has a lot to say. Larissa posted a picture recently that seemed to scream just how much she wanted Debbie Johnson out of her life. This is Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson’s wedding picture, one that they took with his family members. Maybe it was unintentional editing or a slip of the cropping tool. Or maybe it was very much on purpose.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina - Colt Johnson Wedding Photo

Colt and Larissa’s Wedding Picture Captures Debbie’s Nose

You can just imagine what Colt Johnson will tell his kids one day when showing him his wedding pictures. First of all, that eye and nose over to the left, that’s Grandma Debbie. Larissa also made it very clear on 90 Day Fiance that his cousin John is not her favorite relative. Just a tiny bit of John’s shoulder is all that represents him as the best man in this picture.

It looks like Larissa had to forgo that sexy wedding gown she tried on at the bridal shop. Instead, it is a simple but elegant off the shoulder wedding gown she’s sporting. It looks as though Debbie won that fight as well.

Where’s Debbie Johnson?

In a previous episode, his mother stood in front of the bridal shop. From there she enlightened the 90 Day Fiance fans on how this gown shopping was going down. Debbie spoke right into the confessional camera to say that her son won’t go for the pricey gown Larissa wanted.

She also said that Colt wouldn’t change his mind on the TLC show. Furthermore, his mom stated that he will stick with the price he originally allocated for Larissa Christina. Larissa reported her dress was purchased at Goodwill for $150. That’s far less than the $1k Colt said she could spend.

Picture This – An Angry Edit?

Debbie Johnson was adamant on 90 Day Fiance that Colt wouldn’t bend and let her get a pricey gown. Even TLC confirmed (see tweet above) that Colt’s mom wanted a second-hand dress for her future daughter-in-law. Since Deb won that battle, could it be that Larissa made an intentional crop to snip her out of the wedding pic she posted recently?

Although Debbie is the one out of the picture this time, recent posts from Larissa Christina reveal that she says their marriage is over. So it sounds like Debbie ultimately got her way and Larissa is the one now out of the picture. Be sure to tune into TLC Sunday nights to catch the latest episodes of the TLC show.

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