’90 Day Fiance’: Luis Mendez Remarries Months After Molly Hopkins Divorce

90 Day Fiance star Luis Mendez is remarried fresh off his divorce from Molly Hopkins. These two fell hard for each other, but once Luis was in the United States, they couldn’t get along. Molly and her 90 Day Fiance didn’t agree on religion or parenting. He really didn’t want to help with her kids at all. They later got a divorce. He got married just five months after the split from Molly Hopkins was official.

90 Day Fiance star Luis Mendez married again

It turns out that Luis Mendez is already married again. Luis remarried way back on September 19. The crazy thing is he doesn’t want to share who his new wife is, even though he did confirm he tied the knot. For now, nobody knows where he is living or what he is doing since getting married. There’s also no word on why he waited over a month to tell fans about his marriage.

Luis did share how happy he is with his new wife. He said, “Yes, I did get married. I love this girl so much. She is so amazing. The most amazing part was meeting her because she changed all life to happiness.” He didn’t find happiness while with Molly Hopkins on 90 Day Fiance, so it is great to see that he does now.

Who is Luis Mendez’ new wife?

Luis Mendez refused to share the identity of his new wife, but you can see pictures of her on his Instagram. It is actually a picture from his wedding. It sounds like they met recently since he said he changed to happiness once she came along. The fans really want to know if his new wife is from the United States or not, but he’s not sharing that information.

Molly Hopkins met Luis Mendez in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. There’s no word on whether he went back there or not after his split. However, he remarried in America, in New Jersey. Molly and Luis’ divorce was official at the end of March according to Starcasm. Unfortunately, if he stays in the US, Molly is still responsible for him since she sponsored his K-1 Visa. That lasts until 2027!


Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez Divorce Details

Molly didn’t have to pay him any spousal support and she kept her house, cars, and business. In a funny twist, Molly Hopkins demanded the return of the cell phone she gave him in the divorce. But losing his phone didn’t seem to slow Luis up from finding new love. There’s no word yet how he met his second wife.

As for Molly Hopkins, she’s got a post-divorce revenge bod. She has shown off a few pictures lately and you can see she looks fantastic after she was on 90 Day Fiance with Luis. As for Luis Mendez, he says he and Molly have no contact at all anymore. They seem to have both moved on.

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