’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paola Wants Anfisa to Stay Away For Now

90 Day Fiance stars Paola and Anfisa got into a pretty big fight last week on the reunion show. It got so bad that Anfisa went after Paolo physically and was ready to fight her. Luckily, they were able to keep these two apart. Now, Us Weekly is sharing that Paola wants Anfisa to stay away from her completely.

Paola Mayfield shares her thoughts

Paola Mayfield’s feud with castmate Anfisa Arkhipchenko is far from over. These two don’t get along, but for now, Paola wants it at least put on hold. You never know if they might pick back up again with this fight next season if both return to the show. She actually didn’t hold back when talking about it. Paola shared her thoughts.

“Right now things got worse, and right now it’s more of a physical thing. I don’t want to be close to [Anfisa] because knowing how she would react. Because after what happened last Sunday, where she tried to hit me, and I don’t want that close to me right now. I just have to protect myself.”

It is smart for Paola to be concerned about her unborn child. This is the first baby for Russ and Paola after suffering a miscarriage. Paolo wants a really happy pregnancy and isn’t wanting drama. She feels like it is Anfisa’s time to apologize, but it would be pretty shocking if that happens. Paola says that she made a public apology on a video already. She doesn’t have plans to apologize at all again. Anfisa issuing an apology is something that probably won’t ever happen. She has made it clear she doesn’t care if she gets along with people.


What caused this 90 Day Fiance drama?

Paola and Anfisa started fighting last season on 90 Day Fiance. Paola didn’t hold back and shared that she feels like Anfisa could be a gold digger. Jorge did tell her that he had money when they started dating.  It turns out that he really has debt and not near the money she thought he did. Paola and Anfisa kept up the fight over social networks. Loren also wasn’t happy with Anfisa, but she isn’t back this season to help back up Paola. As you can see below, she did call her out on the reunion show. Loren is known for sharing her exact thoughts as well.

Things are really crazy for several of the couples on 90 Day Fiance. It looks like Nicole might be back in Florida and not with her man anymore. Molly and Luis got a divorce. Annie even shared that they may not be on the show anymore in the future. She seems to want to move out of the United States already. These two might not be back on the show again next season if they really decide to leave.

Right now, there is talk that Jorge could be the father of a 10-year-old daughter. Anfisa even admitted that she would leave him if this was true. Paola hopes that isn’t the case because the little girl doesn’t deserve that drama. So far, Jorge hasn’t shared if he actually did a test to find out if she was really his or not. The fans want to know if he has a child or not, but this could hold off being revealed until next season. Jorge may not even know yet.

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