’90 Day Fiance’ News: It Looks Like Nicole May be Back in Florida

On the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily, Ever After, the viewers have learned that Nicole was making big plans to go to Morocco so she could be with Azan. She thought this would be the perfect way for them to make it work. They could get married over there using that Visa process and then move to the United States. Azan’s application to come to the United States on a K1-Visa was denied.

Now, fans are noticing it looks like Nicole might be back in the United States. She recently posted with her daughter May and the background sure does look like Florida instead of Morocco. Nicole isn’t showing anything with Azan, though. Nobody really knows if he is back in the United States with her or if he got left behind again.

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That's a beach ready mermaid!

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Nicole has also been sharing a lot of pictures of May and some are even on the beach. Her followers were pretty sure they had figured out that she left May behind when she went to Morocco. She took her with her last time, but it didn’t seem like she did this time around, but nobody knows for sure.

The part of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After that is airing now was actually filmed over six months ago. Nicole and Anza have been able to keep it a secret if they are still together or if things worked out where he could come to the United States. The viewers may have to end up waiting for another season of the show to find out the truth and details of how it all went down for this couple.

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