’90 Day Fiance’ LEAK: Molly Hopkins’ Ex Luis Mendez to be Deported – Says Source

90 Day Fiance‘s Molly Hopkins may have the last laugh on her ex, Luis Mendez. The US government may deport him back to the Dominican Republic. A source close to TLC production leaked some info to us about his immigration status that looks dire.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins Accused Ex-Husband of Ulterior Motives

From the start of her season on the TLC show, Molly Hopkins was a fan favorite – and remains so to this day. However, Molly’s family and fans criticized Luis Mendez while she was with him. They thought he used her for a green card. In the end, Molly agreed.

Late last year, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Molly said she’s sure now that her ex-husband Luis planned to divorce her and marry another woman all along. And, that’s what he wound up doing.

Molly Hopkins also said that about halfway through their three months, Luis Mendez freaked out. Longtime fans of 90 Day Fiance remember that Luis accused Molly of “witchcraft” because she has Buddhas, owls, and candles among her home decor.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins - Luis Mendez


Luis Mendez Remarried Months After Divorce From American Wife

Although things rapidly fell apart for Luis and Molly Hopkins, it was too late to stop their 90 Day Fiance wedding. Although Molly’s family warned her, she’d already married him, but withheld that fact from friends, family – and TLC producers.

Back in 2017, on 90 Day Fiance, Molly told production on the show that Luis “pressured” her to marry when they first met with the officiant rather than waiting for a ceremony. In the end, they never had a “real” wedding, and she tossed him out of her house.

Eventually, Molly Hopkins let her 90 Day Fiance husband come back home, but Luis Mendez didn’t stay long. Just a few months after his 2018 divorce, Luis married another woman. She’s in the US, but also from the DR – and Molly felt it was somehow “arranged.”

90 Day Fiance: Luis Mendez & wife

90 Day Fiance Ex-Husband Headed for Deportation Says Source

Fast forward to now, almost two years after Luis’ second marriage in America, and our source said he’s at risk of being deported. Why? Molly was the reason that Luis had a shot at a green card. When he broke things off with her, she withdrew her application supporting him.

That means, his status as a 90 Day Fiance spouse ended. Then, Luis Mendez married another person from South America. Unless his new wife had her citizenship, she would be ineligible to sponsor hia permanent immigration status. That is the same fate that awaits another TLC alum.

Larissa Lima, Colt Johnson’s ex, could be deported unless she remarries a citizen. When a 90 Day Fiance couple divorces, unless the ex-spouse continues to sponsor their green card, it’s a problem. So, the source said Luis Mendez is now at risk.

Since it’s been more than two years since his divorce and the waiting list for deportation hearings is 2-3 years. From what our source told us, US immigration may deport Luis Mendez soon. That’s because he walked out on Molly Hopkins before he got his green card.

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