’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Won’t Take No For Answer – Makes Her Own Bizarre Ad?

90 Day Fiance star Leida Margaretha recently caused an outrage among the fans when she posted a FabFitFun picture of herself on Instagram. The wife of Eric Rosenbrook was dubbed a “villain” on 90 Day Fiance after just a few episodes. That tag seemed to follow her through the season. Even her husband and sister reported early on that she’s used to getting her own way. When she doesn’t – watch out. Fans got to see Leida demonstrate her intolerance for not getting her own way several times on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance – Leida Margaretha Models For Brand?

So what is the latest outrage all about? Leida posted a photo on Instagram that looks more like an advertisement. She’s sitting in the snow dressed for a summer day. Neither the weather nor her attire bothered the 90 Day Fiance fans on social media. But, some weren’t happy about another aspect of this picture posted below.


What’s Eric Rosenbrook’s Wife Up To?

No, the 90 Day Fiance fans didn’t appear overly concerned about her hanging out in the snow without protective clothing. That’s the least of their concerns when it comes to Leida Margaretha, according to the comments. What Leida held in her hands was what irritated commenters. Not only did fans share their disdain online, but they also contacted the FabFitFun company about her.

Apparently, people didn’t agree with the company using her to sell their products. Fans of 90 Day Fiance know that Leida Margaretha has a tendency to push to get her own way. This was a statement made by both her husband and Leida’s sister on the TLC show. From that point on, she seemed to demonstrate that this is the case. Even when Eric attempts to say no, Leida tends to bark back.

FabfitFun Responds to Leida Outrage

When the 90 Day Fiance fans got a look at the picture of Leida with the FabfitFun box on her lap… it screamed “advertising.” The company suddenly came under fire for having Leida as a celeb that might be representing their brand. Some fans threatened to never buy another thing from FabfitFun. Fans also lambasted the company for using her to represent their products. The company quickly responded to the negative comments over this.

FabFitFun replied to a commenter thanking them for reaching out and reassuring them that their input is important to the company. They said they try “to choose partners that resonate with our members”. The brand stated they use a “wide variety of influencers”. They also said that the personal opinion and actions of their promotional partners is not the company’s. But at first they didn’t deny that the Indonesian emigre was working for them.

Company Makes a Stronger Statement

Next, the company replied to another commenter with an apology. They specified that Leida Margaretha is not a “current FabFitFun partner.” So what does this mean? Was Leida a partner at one time and now she’s not?

Does Leida still have an affiliation with this company? Was this image she posted a way to encourage them to take her on as a partner – or get back at them for dumping him if she was a promotional partner in the past?

90 Day Fiance Dumped by Another Brand

Leida denied she was fired from the company that previously severed ties with the 90 Day Fiance star, SurelyMine. The clothing company SurelyMine didn’t mince words. They came right out and said they put a halt to their affiliation with Leida. This was reportedly due to Leida Margaretha behavior on the TLC show.

Since she often insists on having things her own way, perhaps she’s pushing an agenda by publishing that photo of her with the FabFitFun box. With that said, if the company did sever ties with her as they seem to suggest, maybe Leida’s barking back. Whatever the reason behind Leida posing with a product from a company that hasn’t engaged her, fans of 90 Day Fiance are not happy about it.

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