’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Fired for Appalling Behavior – SurelyMine Cuts Ties

90 Day Fiance star Leida Margaretha was axed by fashion boutique, SurelyMine, over her behavior on the TLC show. It seems Eric Rosenbrook‘s fiance isn’t meeting the brand’s family values. Reps from SurelyMine expressed just how “shocked” last night’s 90 Day Fiance show left them. Not to mention how they found themselves “appalled” by the statements and actions that came from Leida. Here’s what the company said when they cut ties with the TLC reality cast member.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Dropped From Brand

She was still a bride-to-be of Eric Rosenbrook when season 6 episode 9 was filmed. It aired on Sunday night. The SurelyMine brand collaborates with many celebrities, reality stars, influencers, and promoters. It is a California-based women’s clothing brand.

While most have the family values that mirror their brand, it looks like Leida Margaretha fell short. Unfortunately, in her case, SurelyMine had no way of foreseeing how she would behave during her gig on 90 Day Fiance.

Leida Fire by SurelyMine Brand

The fashion boutique took to their Instagram account to publicly sever any affiliation with Leida Margaretha. Her actions on the show didn’t leave them much choice it seems. The female-owned and run company prides themselves on family beliefs. It appears she went against the grain of the company’s values on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance show.

It looks like fans of the TLC show took to Instagram after Sunday night’s episode to condemn the company for using Leida as part of their promotion efforts. The company, as well as the fans, expressed shock over what they witnessed from Eric’s now-wife. The crux of the issue seems to be her treatment of her stepchildren, particularly Tasha Rosenbrook. And also her stance on child support.

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‘Shocked’ and ‘Appalled’ Over Leida Margaretha Behavior

SurelyMine thanked the 90 Day Fiance audience members who wrote to them. They also said thanks for sharing their concerns over Leida’s behavior. The company assured people that she won’t be part of their collaboration going forward. Leida made it very clear to Eric’s ex-wife Tania Rosenbrook that she doesn’t prioritize Eric’s kids.

Leida pushed Eric Rosenbrook to choose between her and son Allessandro and his existing family. When Leida cleared out Tasha’s room to make way for her 5-year-old son, Eric’s choice became obvious. After she kicked Tasha Rosenbrook out and got Eric to back her up, it seemed clear that his young wife got her way.

Shocked Fans and Employer

Tania, the mother of Eric Rosenbrook’s children, spoke with Leida and tried to smooth things over. Tania said her piece on camera while Leida seemed indifferent. This scene shocked many viewers. Leida said Eric and her son are the two people who make up her family. She dropped jaws with what she said next into the 90 Day Fiance camera. “Who cares about the others?” she asked.

Those “others” that she referred to are his kids. Many viewer comments indicated that they were mortified over her behavior, which is evident across the social media sites. SurelyMine appeared cordial when first addressing their concerns about Eric’s wife’s behavior as part of their promotional campaign.


90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha - SurelyMine

Eric’s Indonesian Wife In Denial Over SurelyMine?

Apparently, Leida didn’t take the news very well. It looks like she came back with some less-than-stellar remarks about the company. She also said on social media that the company didn’t sever ties with her. The 90 Day Fiance cast member claimed they were just letting things cool down before working with her again.

It looks like Surely Mine denies Leida’s claims, as seen in the post above. The company said her comments were “vicious, spiteful, and evil”. They also wrote that she has “serious character flaws” and was waging a “vindictive campaign” against them.

SurelyMine Blows Up Leida Online

Leida has lost this money-making opportunity because of her behavior on 90 Day Fiance. SurelyMine is just like any other business that doesn’t want negative affiliations with their brand. This is obviously not the type of representative that family-minded SurelyMine wants representing their brand.

Read the above statements from the company to see for yourself what transpired between Leida and her now ex-employer. Be sure to tune into TLC Sunday nights to catch the latest episodes.

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