’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Jealous Over Colt’s Music Video – Now She Has One Too

90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa Dos Santos Lima recently responded to ex-hubby Colt Johnson’s turn as a music video star. It seems Larissa is in her own music video with her new man Eric Nichols. In addition, Larissa’s music video comes out a day after Colt’s debut in Alex Winston’s new song. Is this a coincidence? Or, is Larissa trying to compete with her former husband out of jealousy?

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson’s Music Video Debut

It seems 90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa Dos Santos Lima may have some lingering jealousy where her ex-husband Colt Johnson is concerned. Certainly, the timing of her music video with new boyfriend Eric Nichols just happens to be a day after Colt Johnson’s debut in Alex Winston’s new video for her single Miss U 1000000.

Music prodigy Alex Winston’s video features a dancing Colt Johnson re-enacting his first moments with his ex-wife.

Alex Winston is dressed to resemble Larissa and the video is a second chance of sorts. It looks at what life could have been between Colt and Larissa if mistakes weren’t made. In the music video Colt stars in, he greets a “Larissa” character (played by singer Alex Winston) at the airport with flowers, she makes the effort to get along with cat Cookie Dough, and even embraces Mama Debbie Johnson. And Larissa even embraces Debbie’s slot machine which has sentimental value to the Johnson family.

The Alex Winston video is professionally shot and edited to an amazing song.

Perhaps all of this isn’t sitting well with the Brazilian 90 Day Fiance.

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90 Day Fiance: Larissa Dos Santos Lima Has a Music Video of Her Own

It didn’t take long for Larissa to post further updates about her own video with Eric Nichols. Shortly after Colt Johnson’s video debut, Larissa began posting lots of updates and sneak peeks.

Larissa and her boyfriend are featured in the music video for Eric Hanvey’s single If I Scream In My Sleep. The video was recently put onto YouTube and there’s a lot in it for 90 Day Fiance watchers to sink their teeth into. There’s even a scene with Larissa criticizing Brian Hanvey for not bringing her flowers.

Larissa Vs. Colt – Battle of the Music Videos

It’s hard to compare the Alex Winston video to the Eric Hanvey video. Alex Winston is an established artist and her video had a large budget and was shot in full 4K HD video. While Eric Hanvey is releasing his debut song and his video was shot and edited by an old school friend.

The video Larissa is in begins with two minutes of a very low budget film sequence of Eric Hanvey getting fired from an office job then he goes home where Larissa throws him out of the house. The audio in the beginning isn’t the highest quality and there are many jump cuts in Larissa’s speaking parts, which is a sign of having to splice together bad acting segments.

Even though the acting is pretty bad, Eric Hanvey does shine with his guitar playing talent and vocals. The music video tries to add production value by using an expensive home in scenes and a drone for aerial shots. These are the shots Larissa likes to post, while avoiding the first two minutes of the video.

If I Scream In My Sleep features a number of scenes with Larissa Dos Santos Lima and new boyfriend Eric Nichols. She often posts updates showing a lot of revealing pictures. But, this is definitely kicked up a few notches. Some 90 Day Fiance watchers questioned whether Larissa and Eric released an entirely different kind of video.

Is Larissa Still Trying to Get Back at Colt?

There are a number of intersecting threads in both music videos. Colt brings flowers in his video. Meanwhile, Larissa criticizes Eric Hanvey for not bringing her flowers. In addition, the Brazilian beauty breaks things off with Brian. And, she moves on with Eric Nichols – much like she did in real life.

Larissa threw her divorce bash at the Crazy Horse 3 a day after Colt Johnson. It seems this trend continues with music video debuts as well. Colt Johnson admitted during the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All that he still loves his ex-wife. Moreover, Larissa left the door open to the possibility of the pair reconciling down the line. Based on the timing and content of both videos, it seems the twosome still have each other on the brain.

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