’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson Opens Door For Larissa Return With Recent Texts?

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima may both be single again and it looks like one is reaching out to the other. On the Tell-All last season, Colt said he never stopped loving Larissa. That was as she dialed in via video chat beside her then-love interest Eric Nichols.

But this week, Larissa dumped Eric Nichols publicly on social media. Then, he clapped back with more info on the split. Meanwhile, Colt Johnson and his girlfriend Jess Caroline scrubbed their online sites clean of each other. Now, new reports say Colt and his ex-wife are texting again. Could there be a 90 Day Fiance reunion in the works? It depends on whose social channel you’re reading…

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Dos Santos Surprises Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols described how he found out that Larissa dumped him. His mother read it online and called him to see if he was okay. So it looks like he has something in common with Colt Johnson. Apparently Larissa gravitates toward men who stay close to their moms. During her time on 90 Day Fiance, her mother-in-law Debbie Johnson was a big part of her life.

Now it seems Eric’s mom already stepped in to comfort her son. She saw Larissa declaring their split online and called her son immediately. While Eric knew nothing about it he didn’t seem too concerned. But it did surprise him to hear that he was suddenly single again.

At the time Eric Nichols thought it was all par for the course when it comes to Larissa. He assured his mom it’s probably only temporary. As his 90 Day Fiance ex-wife tendency is to take to social media when she’s mad. Sometimes she plucks all mention of Eric from her site. Other times she blocks him. This time she offered a public breakup.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson - Happily Ever After

Colt Johnson Scrubs Away His New Flame?

It looks like Eric Nichols thought this was just another bout of Larissa venting the disenchantment she happened to feel that day. But… it looks like she was serious this time around. So, for now, it appears Larissa broke up with Eric. In turn, he wished her luck in finding a husband. Larissa and Eric dated for about eight months prior to their split this week.

Colt Johnson also has a girlfriend, or at least he did until a few days ago. But fans were never sure that Jess Caroline was the real deal for Colt. It looks like Jess and Colt are on the outs as both their social media sites were scrubbed of any remnants of her 90 Day Fiance former flame.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson - Colt Johnson

90 Day Fiance: The Only Woman Colt Can Count On

Recently, Colt Johnson signed on with his mom Debbie Johnson for 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. Mama Deb seems to be the one woman he can count on. Back in the day, Colt and Larissa’s relationship showed plenty of passion but that passion turned to anger at times.

Even at the Tell All, Colt Johnson was willing to fight for Larissa when he saw Eric’s face pop up. Colt did drop some jaws when he told Larissa he still loved her during that final episode of their last season on 90 Day Fiance.

TLC is not going to get much better in the drama department than what they got out of Colt and Larissa. Since Larissa seems to love the continued fame that her original 90 Day Fiance season awarded her, maybe she’d be in for another round. Then, of course, Colt Johnson signed on for Pillow Talk. So he’s into this for a while longer.

If Larissa Shows Up at Colt’s Door – Will He Let Her In?

What about these text messages Larissa is reportedly receiving from Colt? They started out nice as Colt allegedly texted her when he heard about her split with Eric Nichols. But then other texts she showed on her Instagram weren’t so nice. Because those seem out of character for Colt, fans doubt the validity of some of the text messages she’s showing.

Now fans think destiny holds a continuing tumultuous relationship for these two for the future. What that will look like is anyone’s guess. Fans would probably tune in to see Larissa showing up at Colt’s front door and him letting her in. The 90 Day Fiance viewers might just love to see Debbie’s reaction as well. But that’s a bit far-fetched even for Colt Johnson and his ex-wife.

Only time will tell where Larissa’s breakup will lead. She could be back with Eric or she could move on to another guy. But will she attempt to reel Colt Johnson back in? If she does fans don’t hold much hope that Colt bites at that bait. Especially with mom Debbie there to remind him of what life was like with Larissa.

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