’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan’s Secret Vegas Getaway With New Girlfriend

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera seems to have found a new lady. The hunky realtor looks happy and possibly in love as he steps out with a mystery woman on a romantic getaway in Las Vegas. It looks like Jonathan is not wasting any more time dwelling in the past. Looks like he put his split from Fernanda Flores behind him.

The reality star seems eager to give love another shot despite failing at it last time. Will Jonathan finally have his happily ever after now that he’s done with TLC? While it’s no secret that he was in Sin City – he was extra careful to keep secret exactly who was with him on this loved up trip that including fireworks, champagne, and lots of romance.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Steps Out With Mystery Woman

It seems Jonathan Rivera might have landed a new girlfriend. The former reality show cast member seems to be in the mood for love as he goes out on a date with a new woman. The reality star shared some of their moments together online, which sent fans into a frenzy.

Over the weekend, the North Carolina realtor took the time off his busy schedule to spent time with his possible girlfriend. Jonathan treated the mysterious lady to a romantic escapade in Las Vegas. The newly single dude appears to know how to please his date well as he takes her around the City of Lights.

In one of his posts, Jonathan and his alleged girlfriend basked in the sun at Aria Resort and Casino. The pair also enjoyed their stay at a fancy hotel room at the same venue. Later that day, Jonathan and his lady love partied the night away at KAOS nightclub.


Jonathan Gets Cozy With New Lover

Speculations that Jonathan Rivera was indeed with his new girlfriend intensified even more after eagle-eyed fans noticed something intriguing on his post. In one of the videos he shared, the 90 Day Fiance celeb and his new gal enjoyed a bottle of wine at their hotel room.

However, what caught the attention of many was the card believed to be from the mystery lady. Although Jonathan held it up in front of the camera briefly, many were quick to catch a glimpse of the message. Apparently, the woman wrote, “Cheers to our first trip of many. So happy to be here with you”. You can also see that she’s in the video in lingerie…

90 Day Fiance: Who Is Jonathan’s (Maybe) Girlfriend?

Interestingly, Jonathan Rivera did not reveal the identity of his (maybe) girlfriend. The 90 Day Fiance celeb seems to intentionally hide her face on his social media posts. The reality star has yet to confirm if things with them are serious. Despite that, some fans think they know who she really is. Apparently, many are convinced that Jonathan’s alleged girlfriend goes by the name Janelle.

They think that she’s the same person spotted with Fernanda’s ex-husband on St. Patrick’s Day. They also pointed out the resemblance of the girl in the video, particularly with her hair color. Those who follow her also noted that she’s in the same location as the 90 Day Fiance star as evident on her Instagram Stories. In addition, Jonathan follows her private IG page, making such assumptions even more convincing.

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It seems like Fernanda is also eager to move on from her ex-husband. The reality star has been posting pics of her hanging out at nightclubs. Now that she’s 21, she can post these pics… Plus, Jonathan made things official confirming on social media that he is divorcing her and not filing any immigration documents to support her staying in the US.

So, there’s nothing stopping both of them from seeing other people. What do you think of Jonathan’s alleged new girlfriend? Is it too early for him to date again? Or is it the right time to show Fernanda that he’s officially moved on? Be sure to watch the new Happily Ever After season on TLC.

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