’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan Rivera’s St Paddy’s Day Love Fest Without Fernanda

90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera celebrated St Paddy’s Day festivities in style. The realtor decked himself out in green and posed with a big group taking part in the shenanigans. He even got close to some attractive women for a group photo. Is he celebrating the single life away from Fernanda Flores?

90 Day Fiance News: Jonathan Rivera Gets Cozy with Beautiful Women

It certainly looks like Jon celebrated the Irish holiday in style. Jonathan Rivera shared a snap on Instagram of him and the group he partied with. He said it was “One for the books” and mentioned the “new fun” and “new friends” he made. That’s not the most interesting thing about this group selfie, though.

In the photo, 90 Day Fiance’s Jonathan is between two beautiful women. He even has him arm draped around one. Many of the women in the photo – including the one he has his arm around – resemble former flame Fernanda Flores. The one closest to him has dark hair. She looks similar to the Mexican beauty. Is Jonathan Rivera getting closer to finding her replacement?

Technically, Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores are still married. Both 90 Day Fiance parties have yet to file for divorce. Even so, they’ve both made it explicitly clear that they won’t reconcile. In addition, it seems they’re both moved on from their time as husband and wife – even if they haven’t legally severed those ties.


90 Day Fiance Fans React – Jonathan Fires Back at Critics

IG users took note of all the beautiful ladies around Jonathan Rivera. One commenter noted that the photo features “Brunettes for days”. Most of the comments are fun and festive. But, some took the opportunity to criticize. Much of the criticism has to do with people telling Jonathan that he shouldn’t party so much or hang around young women.

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera defended his partying ways, saying that hard-working people that “don’t mind laughing and having a good time on a holiday” party as much as he does. He told the heckler that they’re free to unfollow him if they have a problem. By and large, the majority of comments are positive. It looks like most of Jonathan’s fans and followers are happy to see him out and about enjoying himself.


90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Letting Loose Without Fernanda Flores?

Despite having a few haters, it could be that Jonathan is just letting loose now that he is free of Fernanda. Jonathan Rivera recently announced that he’s no longer Fernanda Flores’ meal ticket. He doesn’t have to support her financially anymore. Under the I-864, Affidavit Of Support, a sponsor must provide financial support to their foreign spouse.

Interestingly, the sponsor is usually obligated to support the immigrant spouse until they become a citizen, can legally work in the country, leave the country, or die. Given those stipulations, the financial obligation being lifted in Jonathan’s case may certainly be cause for celebration. Perhaps there’s no better way to do that than with new friends and a beautiful woman on your arm.

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