’90 Day Fiance’: Is Amira Lollysa to Blame for Failed Plan?

90 Day Fiance star Amira Lollysa blamed Andrew Kenton for their failed plan. But, could it also be her fault she was detained? The TLC cast members’ plan hit a dead end when Amira ends up in a detention facility and then on a flight back to Europe. But, it seems like there is more to the story than what viewers were told.

90 Day Fiance: Amira Lollysa Ignores Important Requirement

In the current season of 90 Day Fiance, Amira Lollysa flew to Mexico to meet up with her fiance Andrew Kenton. She and Andrew planned to quarantine together for 14 days in the country before going to America. However, Amira got detained at the airport and doesn’t see Andrew. She then spent a few days in a detention center before being put on a flight back to Europe.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star had seemingly ignored one important requirement for French citizens entering Mexico. Amira Lollysa was supposedly on an immigration forum talking to other foreigners who were also trying to get into America. She had brought up the idea of needing a return ticket booked in order to enter the country. She knew it was a requirement, but chose to ignore it. Amira only had a one-way ticket and thought that they would still let her in. However, fans know how that works out for her.

90 Day Fiance: Amira Lollysa - Andrew Kenton

Amira Blames Andrew Kenton for Deportation

Amira Lollysa blamed Andrew Kenton for her horrible experience in the Mexican detention center.  The 90 Day Fiance cast member said that she didn’t want to go to Mexico in the first place. She also said that Andrew was pushing her to do it. According to Amira, Andrew said that if she doesn’t go ahead with the plan, he would resent her forever.

But, it seems like Amira Lollysa from 90 Day Fiance was on board with the idea. While on the forum, she was talking to others about cheap flights. She was even the one who bought her ticket. Amira made the decision to only buy a one-way ticket even though she knew about needing a return one. It’s not fair for her to say it was all Andrew Kenton’s fault. She is also the one to blame for ignoring the requirements.

However, while on the show, Amira Lollysa said that she had no idea why she had to go back to Amsterdam. But, knowing the conversations she had with people online, there’s a good chance it was because she had no proof of when she would be leaving.

90 Day Fiance: Amira Lollysa

90 Day Fiance Celebs Try to Reunite Again?

Despite going through a traumatic experience, it seems like Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton didn’t give up. According to the forum, Amira said that she was taking a flight to Belgrade, Serbia and then heading to New York to be with her fiance. She even asked someone what they told the Serbian officers when entering the country. She also asked if she would still be able to return to France if it doesn’t go well with her fiance.

However, shortly after boarding the airplane to Serbia, Amira Lollysa stopped sharing updates on the forum. So, 90 Day Fiance viewers will have to continue to watch to find out if Andrew Kenton and Amira get their happily ever after.

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