’90 Day Fiance’: Andrew Compares Amira to Daycare Kids – Fans Furious

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton compared Amira Lollysa to his daycare kids, and fans were furious about it. The TLC pair never got their happily ever after. But, viewers believe that it’s for the best.

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton Treats Amira Lollysa Like a Child

Andrew Kenton’s relationship with Amira Lollysa hit a dead end on 90 Day Fiance. He was expecting to be picking up his fiancé at the airport. But, Amira didn’t get on her flight after Andrew told her she’s “going to meet an angry fiancé” when she gets to America. Andrew had even said to Amira that she had been given “a lot more rope to hang yourself with,” so the decision to get on that plane is on her. He also said that the children at his daycare are “far better team players” than she is.

However, the 90 Day Fiance cast member didn’t stop there. Andrew Kenton then said that if Amira Lollysa wanted to talk to him, he “strongly” suggests engaging with him now. Andrew even told Amira that his “time is limited” and started to count down. But, when Amira didn’t answer back right away. He said that he has only “60 more seconds” left in him to give her.

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton - Amira Lollysa

Fans React to Andrew’s Poor Behavior

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers found it shocking to see how poorly Andrew Kenton spoke to Amira Lollysa. These viewers called Andrew a “gaslighter” and said that he was very manipulating towards Amira. One person said that he was trying to manipulate her with those text messages. They also said that Andrew was “using all the tactics to control her when she arrived” in the states.

Other 90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t agree with Andrew Kenton comparing Amira Lollysa to a daycare kid. One person said that he started to count down as if Amira was an “unruly” child. Another person said if someone had done that to them, they would have dumped the person. According to a viewer, he was treating her like a kid in his daycare that he “put in time out until she follows his rules.”

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton - Amira Lollysa

90 Day Fiance: Did Amira Make the Right Decision?

In the end, Amira Lollysa doesn’t get on her flight to America and goes back to France. She and Andrew Kenton also split up. Many fans of the show thought that Amira made the right decision to leave Andrew. They also believe that she deserved to be with someone who treats her better. One person felt that she “dodged a bullet.” Another person said that they would have done the same thing.

Andrew Kenton from 90 Day Fiance had spoken to Amira Lollysa about starting a family together. He thought he would be a good father, but Amira seemed hesitant on the matter. Many fans believe that if she did have a kid with Andrew, the situation would have been worse. These people were glad that she didn’t go to America and have a child with Andrew.

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