’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Mike’s Home Is The Stuff of Natalie’s Nightmares

90 Day Fiance Recap – Natalie Mordovtseva finally heads to Mike Youngquist‘s home and gets spooked by the dark roads calling it a “horror show”.

Brandon Gibbs has the “talk” with his mom about separate bedrooms but she’s not budging. Jovi Dufren introduces Yara Zaya to his mom and some Cajun cooking. Amira Lollysa takes a risk to meet with Andrew Kenton in Mexico. And Hazel Cagalitan isn’t impressed with Tarik Myers‘ housekeeping. Let’s dust off the details of season 8 episode 3 Bless This Mess.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Mike Youngquist’s Home Is a Horror Movie For Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva is rested and happy in her hotel room. It seems her and her kind of 90 Day Fiance Mike Youngquist were Sleepless In Seattle. Because the bedroom is the one place they have no issues. Mike suggests they meet up with Uncle Beau for lunch. Since Mike gave him the boot so Natalie would be comfortable moving in. Uncle Beau has magically relocated to Seattle and is totally up for a boozy brunch.

Natalie is pretty impressed with Uncle Beau’s style. She digs his Sasquatch/biker chic so much she calls him the most “stylish man ever”. Note to Mike: lose the LL Bean pullovers ASAP. Uncle Beau gets the party started with a straight up whiskey on the rocks.

Natalie attempts to shame Beau for his day drinking during a meal. And says she only partakes to “support Mike”. Next she tells the waiter that she really does have a 90 Day Fiance while Mike stares blankly ahead clearly annoyed.

After goodbyes with Uncle Beau, they head to Mike’s house. Natalie is afraid of the dark and bears and says she feels like she’s in a horror show. After 4-wheeling up the driveway Natalie can’t wait to complain some more. She finds the house cold and scary and hates Mike’s cat. (The feeling is mutual). She asks for tea and Mike produces a box of Lipton. She tells producers she would feel better if she had a ring in this version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with guest star Uncle Beau.

Brandon Gibbs’ Mom Literally Doesn’t Want to Hear It

On 90 Day Fiance, Brandon Gibbs brings his fiance Julia Trubkina some coffee and pastries. Julia is touched by his sweetness and just wants to relax a bit with him. But Brandon’s mom is waiting impatiently with her tour guide hat on. It seems she’s scheduled a full day of sightseeing straight into dinner. Her goal is to keep the couple occupied every second to minimize the chances of any hanky panky. Which according to these two crazy kids is already going strong.

Mother Brandon gives a hearty knock at the door and Julia is aggravated. She nudges Brandon to have the talk with his mom regarding the separate bedroom “house rules”. And then grabs her selfie stick and joins the fun. Julia loves snapping selfies. Brandon’s mom doesn’t like this girl having any fun with sticks of any kind so she mocks her with a corny joke about having a “third arm” which Brandon’s dad finds hilarious.

After Julia accompanies Brandon’s dad on a burger run, Brandon blurts out the truth. Julia isn’t happy with the separate room rule and he isn’t either. Mom isn’t budging and says she doesn’t want to “hear them” so the ruling on the farm stands. Brandon does impress Julia by ditching the rest of the sightseeing by making reservations of his own for his 90 Day Fiance. Over dinner Julia presses that they move out sooner than later. But Brandon’s got a lot more bugs to kill before that’s happening.

Meet Andrew Kenton and Amira on 90 Day Fiance

Andrew Kenton bursts onto the 90 Day Fiance scene with just enough weird to be a breakout star. He checks all the boxes of hot mess express. In his very first scene he dresses up as some sort of cross between a knight, an orthodox priest and a Game of Thrones extra. This costume is so he can read a book to a passel of children in his care at the in-home daycare he runs with his mother. Check.

Andrew’s mom gets into the daycare cosplay too while the kids grab naps in various living room spots like a pack of hounds. Andrew explains that he was forced to hit up an international dating site after the many women he dated in America saw the knight costume. He met Amira Lollysa in just a few days and the rest is history. Amira is from a quaint wine village in France. And strolls the streets in a little black dress while waxing about her love for Andrew and makeup.

The two met up in Las Vegas and Andrew proposed after only three days. But now there’s a hitch in the form of coronavirus. Amira couldn’t travel due to lockowns so time is running out. Andrew found a loophole for the two to meet in Mexico and quarantine for 2 weeks then come to the states. But it isn’t foolproof and Amira’s dad is against the whole thing since he thinks Andrew is pushing Amira into a risky situation. Stay tuned.

Jovi Dufren Introduces Yara Zaya To Mom and The Bayou

Yara Zaya is still fussing about having to sleep at Jovi Dufren’s mom’s house on 90 Day Fiance. She wants to dress cute and Jovi tells her no way. A t-shirt and jeans will suffice for a day of crawdads and his mom. Yara refers to the bayou as the swamp. A tired Jovi doesn’t argue but makes her toss her jammies in the bag anyway. The two arrive and Jovi’s mom is cooking up fricassee. She asks Yara to pronounce it and then talks to her like she’s 3-years-old when she does it correctly.

She admits the dish doesn’t look very appetizing and has fruit and yogurt as back up. Jovi excuses himself to take a work call and the two make awkward small talk. Mother Jovi wants Yara to feel comfortable sleeping at the house. Yara mumbles something about not wanting to shed her blonde hair all over the house. But says she’ll stay. Jovi pops back in to announce he may be jumping ship even earlier than planned for work.

Yara chokes down her Cajun cuisine politely. Jovi’s mom can’t resist pushing for a wedding in the bayou. Yara shuts her down quickly explaining that a wedding for only one side of the family won’t cut it. So they will go to Vegas. End of story. Jovi is a few beers in so he tunes them out. Once they are safe in his childhood room (eat your heart out Julia) Yara tells us how she really feels. The food was tasteless, his mom is pushy and there will be no swampy trailer park wedding with gator bite appetizers.

Hazel Cagalitan Arrives In America and Thinks Tarik Myers is Messy

Tarik Myers summons his BFF Angela to help him find the perfect suit to wear for Hazel Cagalitan’s 90 Day Fiance homecoming. Her favorite color is powder blue. Angela suggests that a blue suit is a little 70’s cornball. But Tarik is sold on an icy number and there is no turning back. His gal pal is worried if Hazel will make it for the long haul since she’s young. But Tarik thinks it’s all good if she can have patience with his daughter.

He also has to confess that he reached out to their one time third party app Minty to make sure she was surviving the covid-19 outbreak ok. Hazel told him to cut off all ties after she realized Minty wasn’t as much into her as she was Tarik. He heads to the airport excited to show off his blue suit and big house to Hazel. After the obligatory 90 Day Fiance escalator descent scene, the two head home. Tarik reminds her that it’s her home now too.

Hazel seems a little unglued by the clutter in Tarik’s house. He proudly shows off the dishwasher. The appliance intimidates Hazel who claims she will do the dishes by hand because she is superior to this strange machine. Hazel calls Tarik out for being messy and he’s a little shocked. Especially when she asks if he was waiting for her to arrive to clean it. Tarik is over the moon that she’s here but Hazel is well Hazel so this first impression is just okay. Till next week!

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