’90 Day Fiance’: Andrew Slams Amira – Calls Her Fame Hungry

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa are announcing their nasty split. But, talking about their breakup isn’t enough for Andrew. He’s also taking to trashing Amira and accusing her of being fame-hungry.

90 Day Fiance: Amira Lollysa Kept Away From Andrew Kenton

On 90 Day Fiance, Amira Lollysa is traveling to Mexico to go meet her fiance, Andrew Kenton. This couple is going to Mexico to quarantine for 14 days so that they can travel into the United States. And after coming all the way from France, Amira is hoping to enter the USA on a K-1 visa.

Even though Amira’s talked about feeling pressured by Andrew to travel, she decides to anyway. But, Amira gets detained at an airport. This results in her spending three days in a detention center, unable to reunite with her fiance.

After getting out of the detention center, she’s forced to go back onto a plane. And she gets sent back to Europe.

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton - Amira Lollysa

Tensions Building for TLC Couple

90 Day Fiance celeb Amira Lollysa isn’t taking any of the blame for the failed plan. She’s saying that the failed trip is Andrew’s fault. This is because she didn’t want to travel to Mexico in the first place.

Then, she goes on to say that Andrew pushed her into traveling to Mexico. And she says that he said if she didn’t follow through with the plan, he’s going to be upset with her forever.

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton - Amira Lollysa

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton Name Called Amira Lollysa

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton is announcing a split from his fiancee, Amira Lollysa. And he isn’t keeping quiet about all of the things that she’s accusing him of.

He tells his fans that they can “choose” who they want to believe. But, he’s showing off all of the evidence that he has in text messages. Also, he says that it’s “laughable” if people are choosing to ignore the written documentation from the government.

Then, he goes on to say that his integrity is worth more than “a silly tv show.” He doesn’t need fame, filters, or “lip fillers.” And he goes on to say that 90 Day Fiance fans haven’t met anyone that’s really like he is.

But, he says that his fans have a choice to make. He says that fans can choose to believe a “fame-hungry liar.” And that Amira has every reason to try to achieve fame.

Andrew goes on to explain that all he’s done is try to support her dreams. And that everything he showed on the TLC hit show proved that. Also, he says that he didn’t want or need 90 Day Fiance. He leaves his fans with a warning to look over all of this evidence before they choose who they believe.

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