’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda Claims Jonathan Rivera is a Narcissist

90 Day Fiance‘s Fernanda Flores seems fully moved on from estranged husband Jonathan Rivera. Not only that, she clapped back by calling him a narcissist. For a while the former couple were mum about their split. Following a war of words online and social media ghosting, it certainly looks like the old flame is out. What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Calls Jonathan Rivera a Narcissist

Fernanda Flores was recently in Jonathan Rivera’s hometown of Chicago. This led some 90 Day Fiance fans to speculate she was trying to win him back. That was a dud. Not long after, she took to social media to say that the former couple weren’t getting back together. In addition, she then took time to travel to Texas to visit her father. When pictures of Fernanda and her father first emerged online, some thought she’d already moved on with another man.

It’s one thing to move on from a relationship and leave it at that. However, it doesn’t look like 90 Day Fiance Fernanda is done with the mud-slinging. After staying quiet for a long time, she’s not quiet now. She posted a list of narcissistic traits on Instagram. Along with the list, she wrote: “You want to know what happened? I married a narcissist.”

Both Jon and Fernanda are physically fit and often post provocative selfies online. Is there any truth to Fernanda’s claim or do they both just like the attention beauty brings? Other than the bulleted list of traits, there aren’t any specific examples relating to 90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera. Is Fernanda bitter and lashing out or is there something clinically wrong with the real estate agent?

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90 Day Fiance: Is Jonathan Rivera Also Moving On?

Much like his former 90 Day Fiance bride, it looks like Jonathan Rivera is done as well. His Instagram feed is chock-full of dapper selfies and workout photos. Judging by some of the comments left by fans, he’s not wanting for potential new suitors, either. Essentially, it doesn’t look like this split with Fernanda is throwing much of a wrench into his busy plans.

In addition, Jon was recently in Orlando, Florida. He participated in a celebrity basketball game for charity. If nothing else, the 90 Day Fiance realtor is making the most of his time in the spotlight. The celeb basketball game took place on January 26 to benefit the Chris Johnson Foundation.


Did the Former Couple Use Each Other to Further Careers?

Judging by how quickly the former pair seem to have moved on, some 90 Day Fiance fans suspect that they both used each other to further their own careers. Could it be that it was mutually beneficial for each of them as a launching pad for other endeavors? Further, Fernanda is pursuing a modeling career and some of Jonathan’s recent snaps also have that modeling quality to them. Perhaps they’ve both got a touch of narcissism.

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