’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Could Get Jay Released – But Won’t Because of Poochie’s Tea Spilling?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Ashley Martson hinted at the possibility of agreeing to a plea deal offered Jay Smith. It appears Jay has been offered a deal allowing him to stay in America, but Ashley must agree to it.

Ashley Martson allegedly considered agreeing to the deal but had a change of mind because of her sister-in-law Poochie (Ornella Raine Smith). Jay’s sister, Poochie, released a lot Ashley’s dark secrets online last week. 90 Day Fiance were shocked when Poochie claimed that Ashley had a rich sugar daddy. Jay’s sister claims Jay’s wife was sleeping with a married man every week, getting paid $1,000 each time. She even revealed the man’s name.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith’s Sister Leaks Text Messages From Ashley Martson

Looks like the drama between Ashley Martson and Ornella “Poochie” Smith is about to get even messier. The 90 Day Fiance star allegedly confronted Poochie about Jay Smith’s upcoming court trial. Apparently, Ashley is blaming her sister-in-law for making things worse for Jay after she went online and spilled some of Ashley’s tea.

Now, Poochie took to Instagram Wednesday and exposed a fight between her and Ashley. The Jamaica native uploaded a screenshot of their conversation where she claimed she thought about taking Jay’s plea deal tomorrow.


Ashley Allegedly Considers Agreeing to Jay’s Plea Deal – Willing To Give Another Chance?

In the post, Ashley Martson claimed she initially planned to agree to Jay Smith’s plea bargain from tomorrow’s hearing. Apparently, the 90 Day Fiance celebrity told Poochie that she wanted to give Jay Smith a chance to stay in America. Ashley maintained that she’s willing to let her ex-husband start all over again and “get it together”.

Ashley’s statement was a far cry from her attitude towards Jay’s deportation. The 90 Day Fiance blonde star has been very vocal about her eagerness to kick him out of the country for good. She even declared that their relationship’s over and filed for divorce. So for her to consider dropping charges against Jay doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Backs Out Because Of Poochie

In the same message, Ashley Martson instantly crushed all hopes of helping Jay Smith after bringing up the idea out of the blue. The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After cast member changed her mind and blamed it all to Poochie. She reiterated that her sister-in-law continues “running [her] big mouth with lies,” prompting her to back out of her plan.

Ashley goes on to challenge Poochie to repost her message on social media so Jay could see the reason why she decided not to cooperate. “Let your brother know this is you and his stripper’s fault why I won’t accept the deal,” she wrote.


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Is Ashley Blackmailing Poochie?

Over the past few days, Poochie has been ranting about Ashley Martson on social media. Jay Smith’s sister made some shocking revelations as well that definitely took a blow on Ashley’s reputation. But the 90 Day Fiance star is not letting her sister-in-law get away with it any longer.

Apparently, Ashley threatened to press legal charges if Poochie posted anything relating to her on social media. She added that she’ll have Poochie’s visa revoked if she continues to talk about her online. “I don’t hide behind fake accounts,” She warned. “Trust me, you don’t scare me!”.


90 Day Fiance: Poochie Fires Back

Of course, Jay Smith’s sister Poochie didn’t let Ashley Martson get the best of her. Poochie fired back with her own threats, making the situation even more intense. In response to her sister-in-law’s text, Poochie made it very clear that she’s not backing down, claiming that she’s ready to go on a legal battle any time.

Poochie added that she has tons of receipts that’ll prove Ashley is a liar, such as social media posts and live videos. She also reiterated that she’s not scared. “Kiss my f****** naturally black a** b****,” Poochie wrote. “You and your family disgust me and you’re all going to hell!”

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