’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Still in Custody – Poochie Catches Ashley in a Lie?

90 Day Fiance‘s Jay Smith is still behind bars according to court records. Meanwhile, his sister Ornella “Poochie” Raine Smith continues to go in on Ashley Martson. This is all playing out with Jay’s deportation status hanging in the balance. The outcome could directly impact whether the 90 Day Fiance man stays in America or whether he packs his bags and heads home to Jamaica. Meanwhile, Ashley Martson and his sister are threatening legal action against one another online. What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith’s Sister Claims The Tattoo Artist is Innocent

Police arrested Jay Smith in early July for breaching a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order. Police picked him up following claims online that he would expose Ashley Martson and all her dirty deeds. Jay Smith was forbidden, by court order, mentioning Ashley Martson in his social media posts. Jay not only ignored the order, but also posted that he was making a post in defiance of the Judge’s orders.

Later, Jay Smith found himself arrested and in ICE custody facing deportation. There is a significant divide among 90 Day Fiance fans between those that support Jay and those behind Ashley Martson. And, things continue to escalate as the days pass.

His sister, Poochie, defended her brother against Ashley and spilled boiling hot tea all across social media with a laundry list of the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s alleged misdeeds. Since then, both women have threatened legal action against one another. The claws came out and more info leaks by the hour. Interestingly, court records show they still have Jay Smith in custody. Poochie claimed recently that her brother was released. But, Soap Dirt sources verify the Jamaican man is still behind bars.

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Ashley Martson and Poochie Get into it Over Jay

With Jay Smith’s status up in the air, the claws are out for his sister and Ashley Martson. Poochie maintains Jay is innocent and that he isn’t guilty of anything. She said he has to stay away from Ashley Martson for a year. Further, she said the court pushed back his hearing.

This is in response to Ashley Martson posting on Instagram that Jay is guilty. There’s a picture of him with an “X” through his face with a promoted link on her profile. Most IG users know these types of stories generate revenue every time a user clicks a promoted link.

Poochie called the 90 Day Fiance alum out for it. It’s clear from the screenshots that both women present contradicting storylines. This has some 90 Day Fiance watchers scratching their heads regarding who to believe. There’s a lot of she said, she said making the rounds – along with the mud-slinging.

This is all playing out after private DM’s between Ashley and Poochie leaked online. It seems neither woman is backing down as both are prepared to lawyer up. Meanwhile, it’s clear Ornella Smith is ready to call out Ashley Martson every chance she gets. Interestingly, this DM exchange seemed to begin with Ashley considering taking Jay’s plea deal. This would’ve allowed him to remain on American soil. But, Ashley said she decided against it after everything Poochie made public.

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Where Does This Leave Jay?

All of this is boiling over while Jay is still in ICE custody. His court hearing was supposed to have taken place but it looks like it was pushed back. In the meantime, this dumpster fire continues to gain momentum with each passing day as more fuel is added to it.

The big question on 90 Day Fiance fans’ minds is whether Jay will stay or go. And, it seems that question will remain unanswered for the time being. Remember to check back for more on this developing story.

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