’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Setup by Ashley for Barbershop Scene Claims Jay’s Sister Poochie

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After tea spills again from Jay Smith‘s sister Ornella “Poochie” Smith. She says Ashley Martson duped her brother with the help of the production company that shoots the show. His sister alleges that Ashley conspired against her husband for the sake of money and publicity. In a lengthy rant, Poochie alleged that Ashley set up Jay and made him look like the worst husband. Not only that, but the sis alleges Ashley made some money because of it as well. Is there any truth to Poochie’s claims?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith’s Sister Claims Barbershop Sex Scene a Set Up

Earlier this week, Jay Smith’s older sister Poochie (Raine Smith), aka Poochie, shocked everyone with her bombshell revelations about Ashley Martson. The Jamaica native did not hold back in spilling the tea with accusations like Ashley Martson has a rich Sugar Daddy. In her Instagram posts, Poochie talked about Ashley’s “lies” and how Jay fell victim to her.

Poochie particularly dished about the controversial barbershop scene on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. In the episode, Ashley dropped by the GQ Barbershop where Jay used to do tattoos (although he was never licensed to work in the US). There, Ashley pressed the guys to give her some answers about Jay’s supposed cheating.

Eventually, the guys ratted Jay and revealed he had sex with a female customer in the bathroom. The infamous scene instantly became a hot topic online. But now, Poochie alleges it’s all a lie and that Ashley knew all about it up front.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After: Jay Smith - Poochie

Poochie Says Ashley Martson Confirms Show Was A Set Up And Jay Fell For It

According to Poochie, Ashley Martson called her to confirm that the barbershop episode was fake. She claimed that the 90 Day Fiance celeb called her after it aired and told her it was all made up. However, Poochie revealed that Jay Smith was in the dark and actually fell for it.

Apparently, Jay had no idea that it was all planned but had sex with the mystery girl that was set up to be there to tempt him. “[Ashley] called me right after telling me that the show set it up,” Poochie wrote. “And Jay was so f****** horny and stupid and fell right in the trap!”

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Gets Money For Jay’s Dirty Deed?

Poochie added that Ashley Martson doesn’t really care that Jay Smith had sexual intercourse with a girl at the barbershop. She claimed that the 90 Day Fiance star was okay with Jay doing it because they still “got their $500”.

Poochie also noted a scene where Ashley confronted Jay about his dirty deed at the bathroom. At that time, Jay seemingly hinted that Ashley knew about it all along. “When he said to her ‘You don’t know why I did it?’ and she assaulted him on camera,” Poochie explained. “Because she knew what he meant”.


Poochie Slams Ashley For Treating Jay Badly – Thinks She Never Really Loved Him

In another post in her social media slam session, Poochie criticized Ashley Martson for how she treated Jay Smith. Apparently, she felt like the 90 Day Fiance celebrity “never loved [her] brother” and only used her for her own benefit.

Poochie alleged that the only reason Ashley stayed with Jay was “either she wanted some big black D and she wanted to stay on the show and she couldn’t without him”. She added that Ashley got all the money from 90 Day Fiance and hardly gave Jay any as his share.

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