’90 Day Fiance’: Jay’s Sister Poochie Claims Ashley Asked Her To Be A Surrogate

90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith is out of jail but things only get more intriguing — at least for his sister Poochie and estranged wife Ashley Martson. Amid the news of his release, the Jay’s outspoken sister Poochie made some shocking revelations about Ashley Martson. She claimed that Ashley hoped to have a baby with her brother. But since Ashley isn’t able to have any more children, she allegedly considered using a surrogate.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith’s Sister Celebrates His Release

Earlier this week, Ornella Raine Smith, also known as Poochie, was in celebratory mode after her brother Jay Smith was released from ICE detention. The 90 Day Fiance celeb got a helping hand from his Ego Ink boss Daryl Bingaman, who shelled out $4,500 for his bail. Jay was detained for four weeks after being arrested for violating a protective order filed by Ashley Martson.

Poochie has been teasing about the good news even before Jay Smith’s actual release. In a series of Instagram posts, Poochie expressed her enthusiasm for her brother’s imminent freedom. “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no,” she wrote. “There’s no limit to what you can do Lord!” She also shared a photo of herself and her daughter saying they’re excited to finally see Jay.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith - Poochie - Ashley Martson

Poochie Reveals Ashley Martson Wanted Her To Be A Surrogate

Shortly after Jay Smith’s release, Ornella “Poochie” Smith took to Instagram and addressed some rumors about her brother and his new girlfriend Kayla O’Brien. Poochie clarified that the 90 Day Fiance star’s new girlfriend is not pregnant, contrary to what Ashley Martson claimed. Interestingly, Poochie revealed that Ashley Martson was actually the one who always wanted to have a baby with Jay.

In one of her posts, Poochie said that her former sister-in-law was so desperate to have Jay’s baby that she contemplated using a surrogate. Apparently, Ashley asked Poochie and her mom to be her surrogate. “Talking about you wanted me or my mom to be your surrogate,” Poochie wrote. “Sick b****!”

It remains unclear if she rejected Ashley’s request or if it did really happen. Ashley, Jay Smith’s estranged wife, previously admitted that she can no longer get pregnant so the idea of her opting for a surrogate is not farfetched.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson - Jay Smith - Poochie


90 Day Fiance: Jay’s Sis Says She’ll Be Happy If Kayla Is Really Pregnant

Poochie also made it clear that she’ll be more than happy if Jay Smith’s new girlfriend Kayla Ann O’Brien is indeed pregnant. She maintained that the whole family would love for Jay to be a father as long as she’s not the mother. “[Kayla] is not pregnant and if she was, all of us would be so happy that it’s not you!” Poochie admitted.

Jay’s sister also addressed a previous post she made which she claimed gave Ashley the idea of Kayla being pregnant. Last month, Poochie hinted about “being an aunty soon”.

Poochie believes Ashley “took it up on her head” and came up with the idea that she was talking about Kayla being pregnant by Jay Smith, her brother. However, Poochie clarified that she was referring to her other sibling who just got a baby girl.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson



Poochie Claims Ashley Joked About Jay Getting A Vasectomy

Poochie goes on to reveal that Ashley Martson even went as far as asking Jay Smith to get a vasectomy. Apparently, the 90 Day Fiance star thought it’s a good idea to have her young husband undergo the procedure. A vasectomy for Jay didn’t seem to make sense at the time since his wife could not conceive. However, Ashley made the point that she sponsored Jay to come into the country. So, she is financially responsible for any of his children for the next ten years, even is she is not the child’s mother.

So far, Ashley has yet to comment on Poochie’s latest revelations.

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