‘Young and the Restless’ Weekly Spoilers Aug 19-23: Chelsea Bargains – Adam Proposes – Michael Grilled

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of August 19-23 have Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) makings deals. Also, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) wants a wife. And Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) finds himself the target of suspicion by several people. There’s more wedding reception antics so the CBS soap can get lots of use out of that expensive wedding scenery. So, keep watching Y&R and check out what comes next week with Chelsea Newman and the men in her life.

Young and the Restless Spoilers Monday and Tuesday August 19-20: Adam Newman Proposes – Lauren Corners Her Hubby

As Y&R spoilers start the week, Adam Newman tells Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) about the restraining order and his family plotting against him. Then, he shocks her by proposing marriage. A stunned Sharon can only say “what?”. Obviously, this is about the custody case first and foremost, but Adam Newman’s old feelings for Sharon are at the forefront and he really wants her in his life. Can she resist the pull of Shadam?

Also, Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E Bregman) grills her husband Michael Baldwin. She wants to know why he’s doing Adam’s dirty work. Of course, Michael’s making a power play to become DA of Genoa City. Once there, he’ll likely turn on Adam. For now, though, their interests are aligned. But how much will Michael Baldwin tell his wife about the deals he’s making behind closed doors, wonder Y&R spoilers.

Also, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) gets his hands on a dangerous secret. The primary danger in town right now seems to be Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) increasing craziness. So, if Victor discovers his former son-in-law’s nuts and targeting Adam Newman, The Mustache might stir the pot, tease Young and the Restless spoilers. Then again, the secret he digs up could be about someone else, so we’ll wait and see.

Y&R Spoilers Wednesday Thru Friday August 21-23: Chelsea Newman Makes a Deal – Victor and Billy Confront Michael Baldwin

Midweek Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Chelsea Newman makes a bargain – this could be with Adam over custody of Connor Newman (Judah Mackey). Her son’s demanding to see his dad and doesn’t care what Chelsea Newman thinks. Plus, clever Connor knows that Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) trying to sideline his dad and hook up with Chelsea. That kid’s got Adam’s killer instincts already and isn’t having it – he won’t let Chelsea pull this on him.

Meanwhile, Nick talks with Sharon and offers comfort. Will she spill the beans about Adam Newman proposing? Otherwise, this might be Nick talking to her about her failed relationship with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). Of course, if Sharon tells Nick she spent the night in Adam’s bed, he might be a lot less sympathetic since he hates everything his little brother touches. Also, Victor pulls Michael Baldwin aside for a serious chat.

It might be because Michael gets the bogus restraining order against Adam lifted so he can see Christian Newman (Alex Wilson). Since Victor went to a lot of trouble, he’ll be furious if the aspiring DA gets it scrapped. Victor wants to know where Michael’s loyalties lie. Of course, Michael’s watching out for his own best interests. Then, Billy catches Michael and rages at him with a “rat king” analogy about conspiring with Adam, promise Young and the Restless spoilers.

Other Young and the Restless Weekly Spoilers: Lola’s Dad Debuts – Adam Launches a Plan of Revenge Against the Newmans

Y&R spoilers for the week of August 19-23 see Adam Newman gearing up to take back everything that’s his – and to punish his family. Surely, they’re all asking for it by ganging up on him. They had to know this was coming. Sharon might turn down his proposal, but was it sincere, or part of his master plan? Adam’s always five chess moves ahead, it seems.

Victor worries about Abby Newman’s (Melissa Ordway) new business deal with sketchy Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) predict Young and the Restless spoilers. So, he makes a move to ensure his daughter’s not burned in the deal. There’s also fallout from Theo Vanderway (Kyle Johnson) crashing the Kola wedding with underage drinker Zoe Hardisty (Anna Grace Barlow).

Then there’s Abby freaking out when Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) shows to the wedding too. And yet another Rosales makes his debut – Lola’s dad Adrian Rosales (Jay Montalvo). With Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRue) also on hand, it’s an entire Rosales family reunion. Fans have been begging for fewer newbie cast members, not more, so this is an interesting twist on Y&R on CBS. Watch to see how Chelsea Newman handles her son’s demands and what comes next with Adam.

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