‘Young and the Restless’: Angry Adam Takes Revenge – Newmans Deserve His Wrath?

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is close to his breaking point with his family. The Newmans all align against him and make it clear. He’s not welcome and they all wish he’d stayed dead. How much more can the man take? Not much. Here’s a look at upcoming action and how the Newmans go too far on Y&R on CBS.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Didn’t Ask For Any of This

Y&R spoilers remind that not too long ago, Adam Newman was a happily oblivious amnesiac living in Las Vegas. “Spider” didn’t know anything about Genoa City or the name Newman. Then Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) dragged him back. It wasn’t until Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) shot him that he got his memories back. But remember, The Mustache lured him back with pics of Christian Newman (Alex Wilson) and promises of family.

He deliberately enticed Adam with pics of Christian. So, of course, he expected to see the kid, Then, when Adam Newman got his memories back and wanted Christian, the whole family acted like he was being aggressive. But Adam just wanted what was promised. Now, Victor’s butt-hurt that Adam turned down the CEO chair.

And remember, it was Victor that used Christian to lure Adam back. Now, he’s acting like Adam has no right to even see the kid on Young and the Restless. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) wasn’t happy their dad told Adam about Christian. But either way, the prodigal son didn’t start this. Victor did. Now it seems Adam finishes it, though.

Y&R Spoilers: Victor Newman Said Something No Dad Should Say About His Son

Young and the Restless spoilers on Monday promise Nick Newman runs to Victor to clean up his mess. Nick knows he screwed up assaulting his brother in the park. But Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) started this by ignoring the judge’s orders. She blocked Adam seeing Christian. That frustrated Adam Newman into staging the set-up in the park. Yes, Adam’s fighting dirty.

But then again, his dad and siblings don’t seem to leave him any choice. So, as the week starts, Nick runs to his dad to fix things. And Victor does – with a restraining order against Adam. What he says in this conversation about Adam is pretty awful. Victor Newman says he regrets bringing Adam back home.

Already, the two eldest Newman kids pressed Adam to leave town. And both were pretty adamant that him coming back from the dead’s pretty annoying. So, there’s Adam, all alone in Genoa City, and his family rejects him at every turn. Sure, Victor could have left him in Vegas but he’s here now. The Newmans need to learn to live with Adam Newman – or face his very understandable anger, promise Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Nick’s a Hypocrite and Victoria’s Lying to Herself

The larger issue, remind Y&R spoilers, is that both Nick and his sis Vikki are soaked in jealousy over their little brother. Since his reveal, he’s been Victor Newman’s focus. Whether Adam and The Mustache were on good or bad terms, Victor’s always intent about his youngest son. Despite him living in Sin City as an amnesia pro-gambler, Victor tried to make him CEO.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s been there the whole time, slaving away trying to win her dad’s professional respect. She should thank Adam for turning down the job. She’s CEO by default and lying to herself if she thinks otherwise. As for Nick Newman. His argument that Adam can’t have his biological son because he’s the only dad he knows… that’s hypocrisy.

Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) was the only father Christian knew and Nick didn’t hesitate to snatch the kid from him. And he cut Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) out of Christian’s life for a long time – leaving the kid with no mom either. Plus, remember Nick’s (possible) paternity lie about Summer Newman? He staked the claim years ago on Young and the Restless without showing the test results to Jack. So, Nick has zero room to talk, right?

Y&R Next Week: Adam Pushed Too Far – Newmans Will Pay – Do They Deserve It?

The bottom line on Young and the Restless is that the Newmans pushed Adam Newman. Soon, he pushes back. Cornered dogs bite. That’s what they’ve done to the black sheep of the family who’s secretly Victor’s golden child. No doubt, Adam could have been more subtle about revealing the paternity truth to Christian Newman.

But they pushed his hand and he stood his ground, demanding his rights. If Nick had been more open to a solution, this might not have gone down this way. Then, Vikki and Nick worked each other up, then got their dad into a lather and it’s a recipe for disaster. Next week, Adam confronts his dad about the restraining order keeping him from contact with Christian.

This betrayal by The Mustache promises to spark a firestorm of trouble. It may be time for Adam Newman to open a family-sized can of whoop ass on the Newmans. Wait to see what comes next on Y&R on CBS because this is about to get really good.

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