‘Young and the Restless’ Update: Eric Braeden Says ‘Y&R’ Goes Outside the Box to Keep Filming

Young and the Restless fans cheered as Eric Braeden confirmed he’s back to work as Victor Newman. But threats from the California governor and LA Mayor to shut down again pointed to a possible clamp-down on filming. However, Braeden’s latest update points to Y&R getting around the closures by thinking creatively. Check it out.

Young and the Restless Returns to Filming – Eric Braeden There as Victor Newman

Y&R actors headed back to work this week, and Eric Braeden’s updated fans on shooting again as Victor Newman. Eric said they were tested again before they headed “into the studio.” And the Victor actor showed a photo of himself on the CBS lot in a mask, looking fit and ready to go.

When someone asked the Young and the Restless actor how bad the test was (giant Q-tip and all), he said there’s nothing to it. And, Victor Newman’s alter-ego also assured that no one in the cast or crew tested positive after more than one round of COVID-19 tests.

Even so, things looked grim for Young and the Restless as LA county threatened another lockdown. Already, many indoor gatherings and activities are banned. So, does that mean Y&R will shut down again? Maybe not given info from the Victor Newman actor.

Young and the Restless : Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) - Tony Morina

Y&R Filming Outdoors – What Can We Expect?

Young and the Restless spoilers from Eric Braeden offer hope that the CBS soap is working around increased indoor lockdown restrictions to keep filming. When fans cautioned him about the risk of being at work, he offered some info on how we’ll see Victor and others in new episodes.

Young and the Restless’ Braeden said they are “mostly shooting outside” and aren’t in contact with the crew from makeup or wardrobe. So, that offers some insight into how scenes of Victor Newman and others might proceed in new Y&R episodes.

Young and the Restless can shoot scenes at Chancellor Park, outdoor stables set to double for the Newman Ranch, outdoor restaurant areas, and other accommodations. But, don’t expect to see Victor at the Newman offices, it seems – or indoors at home with his wife.

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Victor & Other Characters Outdoors and Social Distanced on Young and the Restless

Over its three-month hiatus, our source said Y&R writers retooled scripts, wrote in break-ups, and new romances. But, did they do so with social distancing and other safety measures in mind? Let’s hope so. That way, the CBS sudser can hopefully keep on taping new episodes.

For now, according to Victor Newman player Eric Braeden, Young and the Restless shoots lots of exterior scenes. And, it sounds like actors are dressing themselves, and taking care of their own hair and makeup. Maybe we’ll see lots of sunglasses and hats for the men.

Fingers crossed that Young and the Restless can remain at work. As of now, LA’s mayor warned they were close to a total lockdown again but not at that point. They’re dialing up restrictions now, so we’re all in a wait-and-see mode, but hoping the CBS soap stays at work.

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