‘Young and the Restless’: Eric Braeden’s Hair Crisis Fixed – See Before and After Pics

Young and the Restless is gearing up to come back to work – and we’re wondering if Eric Braeden will be among the first to return, in his role as Victor Newman. It certainly looks like he’s getting ready to get back to normal life as he dealt with his wild mop of quarantine hair. Here’s the latest on Eric’s antics while prepping for Y&R’s return.

Eric Braeden Quarantine Look Stuns Young and the Restless Fans

Over the past few months on social media, we’ve seen Eric Braeden go from his usual put-together, Victor Newman type look – to a quarantine mess. However, that should make Y&R fans feel good who also have untrimmed hair, roots going dark, and in need of a mani-pedi.

The Young and the Restless patriarch actor showed off a wild look (see below). Eric Braeden labeled that look “COVID hair” when he shared the photo. For sure, Victor would not be out with a runaway mane like that. Braeden was also scruffy and unshaved.

Young and the Restless viewers generally see Eric Braeden looking smooth and polished as Victor Newman. Behind the scenes and in pics from home, the actor is as dapper as Victor – with his casual style. But it seems Braeden’s just like the rest of us in quarantine – a mess by now.

Young and the Restless : Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Will Victor Newman Be Back When Y&R Returns – New Haircut for Work?

We’ve got photos of Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden dealing with his wild tangle of hair that’s been growing unchecked for months. Is this haircut a hint that he’s getting ready to come back as Victor on the CBS sudser?

The latest info we’ve got from a source close to Young and the Restless is that the soap may come back on Monday, June 22, if all goes well. But, there’s the question of whether Eric Braeden will be back as Victor Newman that day or if CBS delays him.

Why? Part of the return to work plan for Young and the Restless and other shows is that special care needs to be taken with actors over age 65 – and the medically fragile. At 79, Eric Braeden falls in that category – although everyone wants him back as Victor Newman ASAP.

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Young and the Restless Before and After Pics of Braeden’s Crazy Hair

You can see, above left, the before photo of Eric Braeden’s quarantine hair disaster. But the Victor actor took care of it. He went masked to a salon to get that hair under control. Notice how, above right, Braeden’s locks are trimmed and neatly in control. It looks worthy of Victor, for sure.

Recently, Young and the Restless’s Braeden said he was ready to get back to work as Victor Newman. And, he acknowledged there might be risks to getting back to work. But, Braeden said he’s ready to go. So, will Victor be in the first wave of returns?

That decision might be in the hands of the COVID compliance officer. The new rules require that Young and the Restless hire one. So, the CBS soap might start with younger actors. Then, add over time older actors like Eric Braeden as Victor Newman, Marla Adams, Peter Bergman, etc.

We’ll bring you all the updates on Y&R‘s return to filming as details leak out – and we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear more on Eric Braeden’s comeback as Victor Newman. In the meantime, enjoy those before and after photos of his COVID hair cure.

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