‘Young and the Restless’ and ‘Bold’ Face New Shutdown – Soaps Out of Work Again Soon?

Young and the Restless reportedly got back to work this week, and Bold returned to filming in mid-June. Now, California’s governor shuts down many businesses again – and that might include the soaps. Are we stuck with another lengthy delay, and more reruns for Y&R? Here’s the latest.

Young and the Restless: Back to Work This Week

Y&R spoilers promised a return to filming this week. Already Victor Newman actor Eric Braeden teased his comeback with a new return-to-work haircut. Also, Phyllis Summers actress Michelle Stafford joked about needing to wash her hair and brush her teeth to get back to it.

Also, we’ve heard from our inside source at Young and the Restless that they’re back to work this week. And we got a list of actors that are due back on set first. These include Victor, Phyllis, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) in the first scenes.

With them on Young and the Restless, should be Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz), and Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan), among others. That is exciting news after three months of classic episodes. So, are new episodes back soon?

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Y&R Shut Down Again Soon – COVID Crisis Kills Soaps?

Young and the Restless fans are excited to see fresh episodes, but the wait could be longer. B&B resumed taping in mid-June and debuts brand new episodes starting next week. With that timeline, if Y&R continues filming, we could see new CBS soap episodes in four to six weeks.

However, there’s news coming out of California this week that could wreck Young and the Restless’ back to work plans. First, California Governor Newsom said they’ll start closing non-essential businesses again. No doubt, closures would include TV and film studios. And the news gets worse.

Second, LA Mayor Garcetti warned of another shutdown ahead – that would, no doubt, affect Young and the Restless. He said if COVID cases in the area climb higher, they could shut down to “our strictest level” and added, “we’re close to that.”

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford)

B&B and Young and the Restless on the Bubble for Another Hiatus

This news is not great for soap fans. Despite a falling death rate, the confirmed coronavirus cases continue to climb in LA. If it keeps up, the Mayor said they’ll send everyone back home to shelter-in-place, and only essential businesses can stay open. That’s not good news for Y&R or B&B.

So, will Young and the Restless keep filming new episodes? Right now it’s a wait and see. It’s not up to CBS to keep the doors open. It’s about the governor and mayor making decisions for them. As of now, the only two shows back to work are the CBS soaps. The two other soaps remain dark.

Young and the Restless was shooting but may stop soon. Reportedly, GH would be the third back to work, but they’ve delayed the restart. We heard their safety plan’s got problems, and a couple of actors may have tested positive. As for Days, they’re aiming for a September start.

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