Huge News on ‘Young and the Restless’ Filming New Episodes – Are Love Scenes Banned?

Young and the Restless new episodes are the goal – despite many fans enjoying the classic episodes now in their sixth week of reruns. Now, there’s a major update in the plans to get the CBS soap back to work. Check out the changes you’ll see and when they’re starting back to work.

Plan to Get Young and the Restless to Resume Shooting

Two weeks ago, the governor of California announced he wanted to get Hollywood back to work – and that includes Y&R and other soaps. But then the unions for actors and crew clapped back, saying they needed to make sure everyone stayed safe. So, they started planning.

Then, this week, CBS studios, which makes Young and the Restless, along with Disney, and other networks released a joint proposal. They worked with the unions of cast and crew and approved a plan to get everyone back to work. Now, it’s on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for approval.

If he green lights the plan, then Young and the Restless could resume shooting new episodes this month, as hoped. However, there will be big changes that could affect how the show films for the foreseeable future. So, will the show be less dramatic and less romantic? Keep reading to see.

Young and the Restless : Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Y&R Changes on Set Required to Film New Episodes

The plan laid out changes that Young and the Restless and other TV shows and movies must implement. First, they have to hire a COVID-19 compliance officer. However, since this role doesn’t exist now, that might be harder than finding an Adam Newman recast.

Plus, as we predicted, there are limitations for Young and the Restless‘ older actors, which could keep Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams), and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) away from the set. Actors over 65 should get physician approval to come back.

Plus, the plan called the “Roadmap to Recovery Framework” mandates things you would expect, like the crew wearing masks, hand-washing stations, and regular COVID-19 testing of cast and crew members. Plus, all actors will carry hand sanitizer bottles on them.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) on set with crew

What About Young and the Restless Love Scenes?

If the plan boycotted love scenes, that would really take the fire out of Y&R. So, what does the back to work program say about smooching and sex scenes? Surprisingly, it didn’t ban them. But, it was vague about them. The plan requested shorter and non-consecutive workdays.

They also don’t want paper scripts on set. But Young and the Restless actors usually stash scripts behind cushions and out of sight. Since they run so much dialog, they often refer to them. Now, these are frowned on, and if they must have them, actors can’t share scripts.

The plan Young and the Restless must abide also discourages shaking hands, hugging, and high-fives. But what about love scenes? The plan said they should use digital effects to make actors look closer while social distancing. However, they did not ban love scenes.

Instead, they issue a warning note that fight scenes and “intimate scenes” will “increase the risk of transmission.” However, they didn’t ban them from Young and the Restless or other productions. So, we may yet see romance when our soaps resume shooting — which is hopefully soon.

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