5 Ways ‘Young and the Restless’ Can Start Filming New Episodes

Fans want to know when they’ll see new Young and the Restless episodes. However, Hollywood remains shut down and has been for two months. There’s some info leaking from the set of CBS daytime that drops some clues when they might be back. But, there are also some criteria to be met. Here are five things, at a minimum, that need done to get Y&R back to filming.

When Will Young and the Restless Return?

While fans want new episodes of their CBS soap, safety concerns remain front and center. There are several issues at hand. First, is the safety of the cast – and also the crew. So, when soaps return, it won’t be filming business as usual.

Both Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon showed soap spoof skits “filmed” during the lockdown. One showed a Zoom-taped soap that was funny – and the other showed live filming but with plastic blockades between kissing actors, and Saran Wrap on furniture.

The result may be somewhere between. Here are five things to conquer before they can film and bring fans new Young and the Restless soap episodes.

#1 Write Romance Without Physical Contact on Y&R

The last thing to resume on Young and the Restless will likely be love scenes. With contagion concerns, lip-locking and bedroom scenes will be problematic. Of course, on Y&R lately, there hasn’t been too much action in the sack.

Abby Newman’s (Melissa Ordway) getting busy with Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz). And Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) was all over Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) on Young and the Restless. So, look for Y&R to suspend sex, smooching, and other close contact.

And they could always bring back a masked-player like Vanessa Prentiss (below).

Young and the Restless: Lance Prentiss (John McCook) - Vanessa Prentiss (KT Stevens)

#2 Keep Crew in Mind at Every Moment on Young and the Restless

Of course, your first thought when resuming taping is the actors on Y&R. But it’s the crew that may be more at risk. There are tons of people just out of sight of the cameras you might not consider. From lights to sound, camera, make-up, costume, and props — dozens of people are at work.

Young and the Restless can’t risk the lives of the crew. Down in Australia, where they resumed shooting Neighbours, they’ve modified make-up procedures. Females get make-up, but no touch-ups and male actors are working without cosmetics on their faces.

#3 Writing for Segmented Filming

Another approach suggested by Coronavirus protocols is to break up filming into chunks. Then, Young and the Restless would need to shake-up storylines to keep factions of actors apart from others. These would shoot on one set, with one crew, so if anyone got sick, they could shut it down without shutting down the whole soap.

For instance, Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) cancer story could center on a doctor’s office and her home, and feature Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and her kids, but no other Young and the Restless characters. And they’d essentially become a free-standing storyline.

Young and the Restless: Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) - Jill Abbott (Jess Walton)

#4 Young and the Restless Needs Tricky Camera Work

Another issue is social distancing. Ideally, actors need to be six feet apart, but how can you film tense drama with soap actors standing that far apart? Well, they can be farther away, but appear much closer if you have expert camera people at work on Young and the Restless.

No doubt, the crew has the talent to do this. Basically, they’d have actors stand at a social distance, but manipulate the camera depth, so it looks like they’re closer. They can also place people across tables, bars, and desks on Young and the Restless to get that space between them.

See above for a great example of high drama with lots of social distancing as Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) hosed down Jill Abbott (Jess Walton).

#5 No Extras on Set – Except for Medical Professionals

Another change we’d expect before Young and the Restless can resume shooting is that they’ll pare back who’s allowed on set. That means skeleton crews shooting, and no extras in scenes – only required characters and those at a minimum.

However, we can expect CBS daytime to add some other crew to the soap set. Young and the Restless will need medical staff on-hand to monitor temperatures, symptoms, and do rapid testing when required. Some Hollywood unions suggest a coronavirus safety manager as well.

Now, Young and the Restless’ sister soap Bold and the Beautiful suggested they might resume filming in June. However, it’s no up to the network. They’ll have to bow to the actor and crew unions before they can resume shooting. But, as B&B’s a smaller soap, it might be easier for them to return before Y&R.

In the end, it seems like Bold may be jumping the gun, hoping to resume shooting within a month. It seems far likelier it’ll be deeper into the Summer when CBS daytime wakes up and starts shooting new episodes. But, fingers crossed, it’s sooner than that.

Young and the Restless new episodes updates are refreshed lately.