Will ‘Young and the Restless’ Bring Back Ian Ward?

Young and the Restless reruns keep bringing back fun characters from the past, including Ian Ward (Ray Wise). With Genoa City lacking villains right now, wouldn’t it be great if they brought back the creepy but charismatic cult leader to wreak havoc? Of course, with Y&R still on break, we might be left waiting a while.

Who is Ian Ward on Young and the Restless?

Back in 2014, Y&R introduced us to Ian Ward, a cult guru who influenced many people. He’s tied to Nikki Newman’s (Melody Thomas Scott) backstory. You might recall they explained that Nikki and Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), were in Ian’s cult at the same time.

Then, decades later on Young and the Restless, they went looking for the child she carried while in the cult. It was Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). For a long time, Nikki believed Dylan’s bio-dad was Ian Ward because she slept with the guru while under his influence.

Ian ran the groups, The Path, and the New World Brotherhood. Years later on Young and the Restless, he blackmailed Nikki, but she turned the tables, and Paul arrested him. Eventually, when Paul needed a liver transplant, his rare blood type revealed Dylan was his son, not Ian’s.

Mariah Copeland’s Involvement with the Cult on Y&R

Also, back in the mid-2010s on Young and the Restless, it came out that Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) was an Ian Ward devotee. He’d bought her as a baby and raised her. Then, Ian drugged and married her to extort millions from Sharon Newman (Sharon Case).

That led to the reveal that Mariah was Cassie’s secret twin on Young and the Restless. Again, the cops arrested Ian Ward, but nothing ever seemed to stick. His next trick involved Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) back in his fake Gabriel Bingham days.

Those two conspired against Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), reminds Young and the Restless history. Meanwhile, Ian Ward lurked outside town in an RV where he met Phyllis Summers (then-Gina Tognoni) and called himself “Fred.” Little did she know, Ian was plotting against The Mustache.

Fiery Death Hoax on Young and the Restless – Plot Raged On

Recaps recall that Ian Ward played games back then with Victor. While he was out and on the loose as “Fred,” he’d slip back into prison when Victor came to check on him. However, it was clear Ian was behind the Paragon Project, a program to ruin Newman Enterprises.

Then, Young and the Restless set up a fiery faked death for Ian Ward and saw crazy Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) save him. Later, Ian sent her away and intensified his plan to ruin Victor. In the end, he wound up back in prison, and there was other sloppy writing around him and Paragon.

Before Young and the Restless finally wrapped the Paragon plot, most fans were thoroughly sick of it. Last we saw, Ian Ward was heading back to prison for more kidnapping and extortion charges. But, there’s plenty of room to bring back Ian to wreck GC for fun.

Stay tuned to Y&R classic episodes to see if Ian Ward’s back in his glory days terrorizing the locals. But, wouldn’t it be great if the writers brought him back once shooting resumes for new episodes too? Wait and see what happens on the CBS sudser.

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