When Will ‘Young and the Restless’ New Episodes Return?

Young and the Restless is stuck on classic re-runs right now, but when will fans see new episodes of Y&R? We’ve got the latest info on when soaps could return to filming. For now, we’re in the middle of a week of “Nictor” episodes from their long-running romance. But when can fans expect to see something other than CBS soap repeats? Here’s the info you need.

No May Sweeps This Year for Young and the Restless

Just as Y&R fans should be getting intense drama for May sweeps, they see nothing but old material. Why? Thanks to coronavirus shutting down production in California, the last new episode aired Thursday, April 23. That puts us a week-and-a-half into re-runs.

Week one of Young and the Restless repeat episodes were devoted to the ever-excellent Jeanne Cooper as Katherine Chancellor in a “Katherine the Great” week. Now, we’re midway through a theme week of Nikki Newman’s (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) love story.

For the immediate future, expect plenty more Young and the Restless re-runs as there’s no end date yet on when they’ll stop airing old stuff. But, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. In the meantime, many fans enjoy seeing flashbacks to the golden age of CBS soaps.

Young and the Restless classic episodes

Y&R Viewers Disgruntled by Reruns – Reminds Them of Writer Flaws

Young and the Restless wants to keep fans tuning in weekdays, so they don’t lose their audience. And with no fresh episodes left to air, airing old ones is the only way to go. On the upside, doing theme weeks makes it more cohesive than random re-airings.

However, there’s a downside to choosing these top-notch old Young and the Restless episodes. When you watch them and then compare them to the material airing by the new writers, many fans think the writing was a lot better back in the day.

So, while viewers are still tuning in now to see beloved Young and the Restless episodes from the past, it could be a problem later. Will fans be more critical of new episodes when they return? Is this hiatus the perfect time to rethink stale plots? Could ratings go down after the hiatus?

One Soap’s Back to Work – But It’s Not Young and the Restless

As of now, Y&R and sister soap Bold and the Beautiful remain shut down with no filming happening. But, way over in Australia, they resumed shooting their soap Neighbours in mid-April. The network there’s taking precautions and isolating on various sets.

That way, if one actor or crew member gets sick, they’ll shut down just one part of production affected. However, things seem to be going well with everything staying healthy as they shoot. As for Young and the Restless, though, it will be at least two months before production resumes.

That’s the latest estimate coming out of Hollywood for getting actors and crew back to work on the set of the soap — and other dramas. Right now, local officials in LA hope to get a report in a month with ideas on how to get back to work. That will then likely take weeks to implement.

So, let’s hope with the curve flattened that Young and the Restless is back to filming once it’s safe to do so. For now, it’s daily re-runs reminding fans just how great their soap was back in its heyday. Will this strange situation push fans to demand better quality from the current regime?

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